Shiv Kumar Batalvi


Haae Ni !- Geet


Haae Ni! - O Woe!

Haae ni! Aj aMbar lisse lisse.
Haae ni! Aj taare hisse hisse.
Haae ni! Aj moeeyaaN moeeyaaN pauna .
Haae ni! Jahg vasda kabaraaN disse.
Haae ni! Aj pathar hoeeyaaN jeebhaaN.
Haae ni! Dil bhariya pal pal phisse.
Haae ni! Meri rees na kareeyo koi.
Haae ni! Ishke de paani visse.
Haae ni! Eh DaaDHe paeNDe lamme.
Haae ni! NireeyaaN soolaaN giTe giTe.
Haae ni! Ethe sab kujh luTeya jaaNda.
Haae ni! Ethe maut na aaNdi hisse.
Haae ni! Ahj preet de nahgme kauRe.
Haae ni! Eh zehar ne miTHe miTHe.

O woe! The sky is thin, listless.
O woe! The stars are withered, extinguished.
O woe! The winds are still, dead.
O woe! The world is inhabited by graves.
O woe! Today, words have become stone.
O woe! Again and again, my heart swells, bursts, melts.
O woe! Do not ever become like me.
O woe! The waters of love are poisonous,
O woe! The road is long and harsh,
O woe! And ankle deep in thorns.
O woe! You are robbed of everything here.
O woe! Even death is not for you.
O woe! The songs of love are bitter today.
O woe! But sweet is this poison, sweet

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