Shiv Kumar Batalvi


Aj Fer Dil GareeB Da    

Aj Fer Dil GareeB Da

Aj fer dil gareeb ik paaNda hae vaasta,
De ja meri ahj kalam nu ik hor haadsa.
Today this poor man begs you again,
For the sake of my pen, give me another tragedy.
Mudat hoi hae darad da koi jaam peeteyaaN,
PeeRaaN ‘ch haNju ghol ke, de ja do aatasha.
It has been an age since I have drunk the wine of pain,
Mix tears into it, make it twice as fierce.
Kaahgaz di kori reejh hae chup chaap vekhdi,
ShabdaaN de thal ‘ch bhaTakda geetaaN da kaafila.
This blank sheet of paper looks at me silently,
A caravan of songs is lost in a word-desert.

TurnaaN maeN chaahuNda paer vich kaNDe di lae ke peeR,
Dukh toN kabar tak dosta jina vi faasala.

I want to walk with the ache of the thorn in my foot,
Whatever be the distance, from sorrow to the grave.
Aa bahuR Shiv nu peeR vi hae kaND de chali ,
Rakhi si jihdi os ne mudat toN daastaaN!
Even pain has turned its back upon me. Come back! says Shiv,
You have been my tale for a long, long time!
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