Shiv Kumar Batalvi



Arjoi - A request

Tu jo sooraj chori keeta
Mera si.
Tu jis ghar vich nhera keeta,
Mera si.
The sun that you stole
Was mine.
The house that you threw into darkness,
Was mine.
Ih jo dhup tere ghar hasse, meri hae.
Is de baajhoN meri umar haneri hae.
Is vich mere gham di mahik batheri hae,
Ih dhup kal si meri, aj vi meri hae.
This sunshine that smiles in your home, is mine,
My life is bleak without it.
The odor of my grief is in it,
It was mine yesterday and is mine today.
MaeN hi kiran-vihoona is da baabal haaN
Is de aNgi meri agan samoi hae,
Is vich mere sooraj di khushboi hae,
Sikhar dupehre jis di chori hoi hae.

It is I, bereft of sunbeams, who am its father.
It is my fire that is embedded in its limbs,
The smell of my sun is in it,
The sun that was stolen from me in broad daylight .

Par is chori vich tera kujh dosh naheeN,
Sooraj di har yug vich chori hoi hae.
RoNdi roNdi sooraj nu har yug aNdar
Koi na koi sada dupehri moi hae.

But you are not responsible for this theft.
The sun has been stolen in every era.
An afternoon has always died
Weeping for the sun .

MaeN nir-loa, risham-vichuna araz karaaN,
MaeN ik baap adharmi tere duvaar khaRa,
Aa hatheeN ik sooraj tere sees dharaaN,
Aa aj aapni dhup lai tere paer phaRaaN.

I, lightless, beamless, have a request,
I, an ignoble father, stand at your door,
Allow me to place a sun upon your forehead,
And beg you for my light

MaeN kalkhaai deh, tu maenu bakhsh daveeN,
DhupaaN saahveN muR na mera naam laveeN.
Je koi kiran kade kujh puCHe, chup raveeN,
Ja maenu ‘kaala sooraj’ keh ke Taal daveeN.

I, who died long ago, ask you to grant me this,
Never utter my name again in the sunshine,
If a sunbeam ever asks a question, remain silent,
Or call me a ‘black sun’ and let it go.

Eh ik dhup de baabal di arjoi hae,
Meri dhup mere lai aj toN moi hae,
Sane sooraje teri aj toN hoi hae,
Dhup jide ghar hasse, baabal soi hae.

This is the request of a father of sunshine.
From this day on it is dead to me,
Along with the sun, it is yours now,
Wherever it smiles, is the home of its father.

Tu jo sooraj chori keeta
Tera si.
Mera ghar ta janam-divas toN
Nhera si.

The sun that you stole
Was yours.
My home, from the day of my birth,
Has been in darkness.

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