Shiv Kumar Batalvi




Rukh - Trees

Kujh rukh maenu, put lagde ne,
Kujh rukh lagde maavaaN.
Kujh rukh noohaaN theeyaaN lagde
Kujh rukh vaaNg bharaavaaN.

Some trees look like sons to me.
Some like mothers.
Some are daughters, brides,
A few like brothers.

Kujh rukh mere baabe vaakan,
Pahtar TaavaaN TaavaaN.
Kujh rukh meri daadi varge
Choori paavan kaavaaN.

Some are like my grandfather,
Sparsely leafed.
Some like my grandmother
Who threw choori to the crows.

Kujh rukh yaaraaN varge lagde
Chuma te gahl laavaaN,
Ik meri mahibooba vaakan,
MiTHa ate dukhaavaaN.

Some trees are like the friends
I used to kiss and embrace.
One is my beloved
Sweet. Painful.

Kujh rukh mera dil karda e
MoDHe chuk khiDaavaaN.
Kujh rukh mera dil karda ai
Chuma te mar jaavaaN.

There are trees I would like
To throw on my shoulder playfully,
There are trees I would like
To kiss and then die.

Kujh rukh jad vi ral ke jhooman
Tej vagan jad vaavaaN,
Saavi boli sabh rukhaaN di
Dil karda likh jaavaN.

The trees sway together
When strong winds blow.
I wish I could render
Their verdant, leafy language.

Mera vi eh dil karda ai
Rukh di joone aavaaN.
Je tusaaN mera geet hae sunana,
MaeN rukhaaN vich gaavaaN.

I wish that I could
Return as a tree.
And if you wanted to listen to my song
I would sing it in the trees.

Rukh taaN meri ma varge ne,
Jiyun.rukhaaN diyaaN CHaavaaN.

The trees are like my mother,
May their shade live forever.

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