After years of pining for you
I have long since forgotten
The verity of ray own voice,
The language I learnt to look human
Gave me words just enough
To compose your name.
It is long since letters
Lost their accent for me,
Except to draw the image of your sunny limbs

I can't write anything now.
Have you ever seen lines rise in revolt?
All words dropping from my hands
Only your pictures do compose.

You are with me but only a pace apart
And this pace is perhaps longer than
Not just my age but several lives;
And expanding as without a break
It will some day engulf the whole earth
And take measure of the lifeless heavens.
You keep on staying in the motherland itself
For some day to your purlieu I shall return,
Either myself or this step
At least one will have to vanish, the

Translated by Tejwant Singh Gill