A Grass like Persons Tale

While grazing camels, your loving brother
Is by camels grazed away.
Sister! He will never come to see you now.

How I wished to come
And make your mother in law divulge
The ghee so far kept hidden,
And into her forehead hurl
Bowl with bare sugar filled!
Strange is the tale of wicked camels,
Neither are they themselves to be seen
Nor is visible the dust they raise
Audible is only the sound their gums make
When songs of herdsmen they munch away.

I had this feeling in mind
That enough for them is greenery
Spread out in my eyes.
When they munched away my hands
They little knew how disabled I got,
0, father, to carry your blind limb's burden.

Now the joy I was to bring for your present
Is hung on acacia tree at the border,
Like the unused coffin.
Crops, grown with such thrift, my sister,
Lie trampled by playful camels.

Translated by Tejwant Singh Gill