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Epidemics in Colonial Punjab Ghadar Monement: Its Origin and Imapact on Jallianwala Bagh Massacre and Indian Freedom Struggle
Epidemics in Colonial Punjab Colonial Lahore and Bhai Ram Singh
The Punjab under Colonialism: Order and Transformation in British India Caste Based Endogamy in a Punjabi Village of Pakistan
Edinburgh Papers in South Asian Studies A Temporal View of Socio-Political Changes in Punjab
Mian Muhammad Baksh De Naan Naal Mansoob Ek Shair Superman Renderings
Ikkevin Sadi da Navan Raag The 'Lover' Archetype in Punjabi Classical Poetry
Edmund Spenser's Faerie Queene and Mian Muhammad Buksh's Saif-ul-Malook Language Policy, Multilingualism and Language Vitality in Pakistan
Education Reform in Pakistan Wishwekran Te Punjbai Bhasha di Sathethi (Gurmukhi)
A Postcolonial Sociolinguistics of Punjabi in Pakistan The Punjab Since 1849: An Introduction
The Linguistic Revival of Punjabi Feminism By Fakhra Hassan Historiography and Baba Nanak in History
Composite Culture in Pre-Partition Punjab Waris Shah and His Heer
Indian Census: Accounts of Religion in Late Nineteenth Century Punjab History of Punjabi Speaking Jatts
Pre-Partitioned Temples and Gurdwaras in Punjab and Pakistan Ustad Daman: Shakhsiat and Shairi (Urdu)
Heer Waris Shah - Tahqeeq-e-Mattan Ka Ek Jaiza (Urdu) Heer Waris Shah Di Sodh Di Ek Kahani (Shahmukhi)
Heer Waris Shah: Sodhanhaar te Mattan Di Chon (Shahmukhi) Heer Waris Shah: Kirpa Ram Qalmi Nuskhay te ik Jhaat (Shahmukhi)
Heer Waris Shah: Shaikh Abdul Aziz da Daman (Shahmukhi) Heer Waris Shah: Ferkoferki Matan Qun (Shahmukhi)
Syed Waris Shah te Muhaqqaqeen (Shahmukhi) The Genealogy of a Dalit Faith
Sacralising Dalit Peripheries Parwasi Pattarkari Te Mukh Dhara Punjabi Journalism Da Parbhat
At Sufi-Bhakti Crossroades: Gender and the Politics of Satire in Early Modern Punjabi Literature. The Journal of the Irish Society for the Academic Study of Religions 4 (2017)
Review: Recent Works on Sikh Martial and Political Cultures in the 17th and 18th Centuries Performing the Komagata Maru: Theatre and the Ork of Memory
The Origin of Language Controvery in Colonial Punjab Punjabi Folk Sangeet
Heer Waris Shah: Saqlab ya Saqlat (Urdu) Heer Waris Shah: Saqlab ya Saqlat (Shahmukhi)
Sacralising Dalit Peripheries:Ravidass Deras and Dalit Assertion in Punjab Ravidass, Dera Sachkhand Ballan and the Question of Dalit Identity in Punjab
Beyond Conversion and Sanskritisation: Articulating an Alternative Dalit Agenda in East Punjab Rethinking Diaspora
Asian Kool or Punjabi Kool? Bhangra`s global invasion Diasporas & Transnationalisms
Immobile mobilities and free-flowing Sikh movements from Punjab Popular Music
Punjabi Delights in Forbidden City Singapore The Space of Flows and Place The Sons of Jats
Teri Chunni De Sitare : No Mixing Please, We are Indian! Meanings of Bhangra and Bollywood Dancing in India and the Diaspora
Transatlantica :Dancing to the Bhangra in New York City Dream of a World Borders: A Century After the Komagata Maru
Camels and Colonial Armies. The Logistics of Warfare in Central Asia in the early 19th century The Voice from the Rural Areas: Muslim-Sikh Relations in the British Punjab, 1940-47
Gurdwara Rori Sahib Where Pebbles Became Sacred Imagining Space and Siting Collective Memory in South Asian Muslim Biographical Literature
Gurdwara Rori Sahib Where Pebbles Became Sacred Temples in Pakistan: How Sindhi Hindus in India still remember Rohri City
Hindus and Muslims in the Pirst war of Independence of 1857 & emergence of Two-Nation Theory Language and Politics in Pakistan
Notes on the Sixteenth-Century Bengal Trade Apioneer Muslim Scholar in the Field of History, Archaeology & Architecture
Imagining Space and Siting Collective Memory in South Asian Muslim Biographical Literature (Tazkirahs) Sikhs & 1857: Myths & Facts
Soldiers, Artisans, Cultivators and Revolutionaries: The Movement of Sikhs in the Indian Ocean. Partitioning India: Indian Muslim Nationalism and the Origin of the Muslim State
How Sindhi Hindus in India still remember Sindh India and the Great War: Colonial Fantasies, Anxieties and Discontent
From Hallaj to Heer: Poetic Knowledge and the Muslim Tradition USTAD DAMAN (1911-1984)—A VOICE OF THE PEOPLE
Reading Modern Punjabi Poetry : From Bhai Vir Singh to Surjit Patar Channels of Knowledge Transfer of Sultan Bahoo’s Teachings in Modern Era
Discerning Patterns of Peaceful Co-Existence in Hir Varis Shah Rafidass Deras and Social Protest: Making Sense of Dalit Consciousness in Punjab (India)
Sacralising Dalit Peripheries: Ravidass Deras and Dalit Assertion in Punjab Beyond Conversion and Sanskritisation: Articulating and Alternatiive Dalit Agenda in East Punjab
The genealogy of a dalit faith: The Ravidassia Dharm and caste conflicts in contemporary Punjab Colonial Lahore and Bhai Ram Singh
The British Response to War of Independence in the Punjab The Sikh State (Khalistan): How the Dream was shattered in 1947?
Remembering a Lost Presence: The Spectre of Partition in the Stories of Lahore-Based Punjabi-Language Author Zubair Ahmed Once bitten, twice shy: A French traveller and go-between in Mughal India, 1648–67
Making of Modern Punab: How Migration led to formation of Modern Temples in Pakistan: How Sindhi Hindus in India still remember Rohri City
Punjabi Language During British Rule
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