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Discerning Patterns of Peaceful Co-Existence in Hir Varis Shah Rafidass Deras and Social Protest: Making Sense of Dalit Consciousness in Punjab (India)
Sacralising Dalit Peripheries: Ravidass Deras and Dalit Assertion in Punjab Beyond Conversion and Sanskritisation: Articulating and Alternatiive Dalit Agenda in East Punjab
The genealogy of a dalit faith: The Ravidassia Dharm and caste conflicts in contemporary Punjab Colonial Lahore and Bhai Ram Singh
The British Response to War of Independence in the Punjab The Sikh State (Khalistan): How the Dream was shattered in 1947?
Remembering a Lost Presence: The Spectre of Partition in the Stories of Lahore-Based Punjabi-Language Author Zubair Ahmed Once bitten, twice shy: A French traveller and go-between in Mughal India, 1648–67
Making of Modern Punab: How Migration led to formation of Modern Temples in Pakistan: How Sindhi Hindus in India still remember Rohri City
Punjabi Language During British Rule Chuhretrinamah As Feminine Voice in South Asian Literature
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Punjabi Mela 2015 Centreville Virginia April 26, 2015 APNA's Punjabi Sham of Poetry and Music
Ustaad Shaukat Ali's Concert, Virginia, Sept 14, 2013 Opening: Translations of Novel "Jhoota Sach"
Punjabi Mushaira in Washington DC APNA's Punjabi Conference at Harvard University
APNA's Punjabi Conference at Lahore APNA Lahore Punjabi Conferece Pictures
APNA's Second International Punjabi Conference APNA's Fourth International Punjabi Conference
Niazi Brothers' Concert APNA's Dinner with Zia Shahid
APNA's Dinner with Dr. Javed Zaki Punjabi Baithak in Tokyo
APNA's Indian Chapter celebrates "Shiv Shaam" Javed Zaki and Amrita Pritam Remembered
APNA's Dinner Meeting With Mowahid Shah Punjabi Play "Made In USA"
Remembering Munir Niazi APNA's Meeting on Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai
APNA's Meeting on Suchal Sarmast's Poetry A Evening of Sufi Poetry Singing
An Evening of Heer Singing Ahmad Salim's Reception by APNA
Concert: Ustaad Rafaqat Ali Khan Dinner with Prof. Jagmohan Singh
APNA's Evening With Iqbal Bahu Play: Loha Kut by Balwant Gargi
Release of Kalam Baba Nanak in Shahmukhi

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