Academy of the Punjab in North America

English eBooks



17-Gardens of The Great Mughals
C. M. Villiers Stuart
18-Cinema of Enchantment
Anjali Gera Roy
19-Shaikh Farid’s Couplets in English
Translated  by T C Ghai
20-Linguistic and Oriental Essays – Vol-1
Robert Needham, Cust, LL.D.


21-Linguistic and Oriental Essays – Vol-2
Robert Needham, Cust, LL.D.

22-Summers Under the Tamarind tree
Sumayya Usmani

23-Imagining Lahore
Haroon Khalid

24-History of Punjabi Literature
C.L. Narang


25-The Garden of the Eight Paradises
Stephen F. Dale

26-Pakistan_ Moving the Economy Forward
Rashid Amjad and Shahid Javed Burki

27-An Introduction to Indian Philosophy
Satishchandra Chatterjee and Dheerenddramohan Datt

28-Who is Who in Indian Film Industry
Edited by R. A. Sheikh


29-A Sketch of the Modern Languages of the East Indies
Robert N. Cust

30-Sufi Music of India and Pakistan
Regula Burckhardt Qureshi

31-The Cinema of Satyajit Ray
Ghidananda Dasgupta

32-Economic Transformation of a Developing Economy- The Experience of Punjab
Lakhwinder Singh, Nirvikar Singh