Academy of the Punjab in North America

English eBooks



1-Maharaja Ranjit Singh
Sir Lepel Griffin
2-Akbar - Emperor of India
Dr. Richard Von Garbe
3-The Life of John Nicholson - Soldier and Administrator
Captian Lionel G. Trotter
4-The Panjab Chiefs
Sir Lepel H. Griffin

5-The Reminiscences of Sir Muhamamd Zafarullah Khan
Sir Muhammad Zafarullah Khan
6-Babur Nama,, Memoirs of Emperor Babur
Translation -Annette Susannah Beveridge
7-Tuzk-e-Jahangiri, Memoirs of Emperor Jahangir
Translation -Major David Price
8-India Wins Freedom
Maulana Abul Kalam Azad

9-Muhammad Ali Jinnah - A Political Study
Matlubul Hassan Syed
10-The Story of My Experiments With Truth
M. K. Gandhi
11-Toward Freedom
Jawaharlal Nehru
12-My Reminiscences of Sardar Patel - Volume 1
V. Shankar

13-My Reminiscences of Sardar Patel - Volume 2
V. Shankar
14-Subas Chandra Bose
Chattopadhyay Gautam
15-Facts Are Facts - An Untold Story of India's Partition
Khan Abdul Wali Khan
16-Partition and Aftermath - Mamoirs of an Ambassador
Kewal Singh