Academy of the Punjab in North America

English eBooks



1-The Punjab Campaign: 1848-1849
J.H. Lawrence-Archer
2-Court and Camp of Ranjit Singh
3-Campaign of Sindh 1838-1840
T.W.E. Holdsworth
4-Remembering Partition
Gyanendra Pandey

5-Brief History of Sikh Misls
Sir James Douie
6-Campaign Experiences in Rajpootana and Central India
Mrs. Henry Duberly
7-Camp and Cantonment: A Journal of Life in India 1857-1858
Mrs. Leopold Paget
8-Fall of Moghul Empire of Hindustan
Mrs. Leopold Paget

9-Indian Frontier Policy
General John Adye
10-Indian Unrest
Valentine Chirol
11-With Clive in India
G. E. Hentry
12-Catalogue of Coins in Punjab Museum, Lahore
R. B. Whitehead

13-History of the Punjab
Syed Muhammad Latif
14-History of the Punjab (Volume 1)
Thoby Princep, James Princep
15-History of the Punjab (Volume 2)
Thoby Princep, James Princep
16-Political and Social Movements in Ancient Punjab
Buddah Prakash