Academy of the Punjab in North America

English eBooks



1-The Punjab Peasant in Prosperity and Debt
Malcolm Layall Darling
2-Wisdom and Waste in the Punjab Village
Malcolm Layall Darling
3-A Punjabi Village in Pakistan
Zekiye Eglar
4-The Land of Five Rivers
Hugh Kennedey Trevaskis


5-The Land Revenue Settlement of Lahore District 1865-1869
Leslie Saunders
6-Imperial Gazetteer of India Punjab
1908 (Volume -1)
7-Imperial Gazetteer of India - Punjab
1908 (Volume -2)
8-Observations on the Musalmauns in India
Mrs. Meer Hassan Ali


9-Indian Culture and Social Life
Mohammad Habib
10-Passions of the Tongue
Sumathy Ramasawami
11-The India Pakistan Reconciliation and Other Experiences
Gilles Baquerat and Richard Asbeck
12-Panjab Castes
Denzil Ibbetson


13-Wealth and Welfare of Punjab
H. Calvert
14-The Origin of the Musalman's in Bengal
Fuzli Rubbee
15-The Old Light and the New in Punjab Village
Malcolm Lyall Darling
16-Aboriginal Tribes of India and Pakistan
Hawabai Mustafa Shah