Academy of the Punjab in North America

English eBooks



33-The Travels of Marco Polo
The Translation of Marsden Revised
34- A Trip To Cashmere and Ladak
Cowley Lambert
35-Indian Travels of Appolonius Tayan
Osmond Beauvoir De Priaulx
36-Personal Narrative of a Journey
John Wood


37-Travels of Mirza Abu Taleb Khan
Translater Charles Stewart
38-Early Travels in India ? 1583 ? 1619
William Foster, C.I.E.
39-From The Black Mountain to Waziristan
Colonel  H. C. Wylly

40-Things Seenin Northern India
T. L. Pennell



41-Travels in the Panjab
Mohan Lal

42-Travels in India Vol-1
Leopold Vn Orlich

43-Travels in India Vol-2
Leopold Vn Orlich

44-Twelve Years of a Soldier`s Life in India
Major W. S. R. Hodson



45-Two Years in Upper India
John C. Lowrie