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Read a large selection of articles on the scheme to divide West Punjab at:

I'll support any cultural activity between Pakistan and India: Mahesh Bhatt : In a tiny room at the National Academy of Performing Arts (NAPA) in Karachi, Indian filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt was ready to tell all. Mahesh Bhatt is in town with his daughter, Pooja Bhatt, who herself is an actor and producer, in order to stage an adaptation of his film Daddy at .....
Pakistanis seem to love Indians. Do Indians feel the same way? : “Aap India se hai? Are you Indian? That makes you our guest. We can’t take any money from you!” It was my fourth and last day in Islamabad, and this reaction from a handicrafts shop salesman didn’t surprise me anymore. I’d been getting it from the first day, this outpouring of warmth and .....
From India to Pakistan: 'We're not so different' : “I found that the way Pakistanis hold conversation is very polite and there is a distinct sense of respect or tehzeeb in their conversation,” said Anupama Joshi, a teacher from Dehradun, India while describing her interaction with Pakistanis while visiting the country with ..........
'Walking in Chandni Chowk felt like walking through Lahore streets' : Fifty-three students and two faculty members from Lahore University of Management Sciences arrived in India via the Wagah border on Monday.As Ahsan watched the India-Australia World Cup match on a stranger’s phone on the Delhi Metro, the 20-year-old .......
Urs of Hazrat Baba Budhu Shah today : Annual Urs of Hazrat Baba Budhu Shah Abdal and Sain Ghulam Muhammad is being celebrated today (March 31) at Pleer Sharif near Dadial, Azad Kashmir. People, from far and near, attend the festival with great enthusiasm. Pleer Sharif is situated in the area named as Chomukh which is located in Mirpur district. ...
KANWAR SANDHU IS TAKING PUNJABI TELEVISION TO NEW PEAKS IN NORTH AMERICA : Kanwar Sandhu is a bold, brilliant and hands on senior journalist of Northern India. His ancestors hailed from an agricultural family with army background from Lahore division of Central Punjab. His village “Bhakna” is situated on the Amritsar –
Tongue-tied : The politics of Language : The language question has always spawned activism and antagonism in Pakistan in, perhaps, equal measures. On one end of the spectrum, there are parties which accord primary importance to ethnic identity and language as building blocks for political representation. Parties on the other end have tenaciously held ......

The Shrine of defiant love : SHE lies alone in stoic white granite, covered in red and orange traditional bandhinis, bequests of lovers who come to dress her as Mahiwal’s bride once their love conquers all. Even as graves, Sohni and Mahiwal are apart — some say it is for reasons of social sanction whereby they cannot lie in the same room ........

Writers Forum, Calgary March, 2015 (Gurmukhi)
By the banks of the Ravi : When you travel across the plains of Punjab, the first thing to strike you is the heterogeneity of the region. In popular imagination, Punjab is about great plains, green fields, and a network of rivers and canals all around. That’s there, but there is lots more.
NEWS : Memory of Bha ji Gursharan Singh
VPL celebrates Vancouver’s literary landmarks : Vancouver’s library today announced more than two dozen locations as official literary landmarks around the city, marking the connections – sometimes unlikely, occasionally surprising, but always meaningful – between our neighbourhoods and authors who have lived and worked there.

New Book : Heer Waris shah . Transliterated Punjabi Text and English Translation
The book of Heer Waris Shah includes transliteration of complete original ……

Dancing girls of Lahore call time. Performances by the famous dancing girls of the Pakistani city of Lahore have come to an end because of deteriorating securityMany now face an uncertain future, with some turning to prostitution, reports the BBC's Haroon Rashid........
Article Language is identity, it is a worldview
Article Building bridges and not walls
Article Linguistic dilemma
Article Language issue causing division between nationalist, main parties
Article Lahor is Lahor (Urdu)
Article Salam from Korea (Shahmukhi)
Article One day in Inner Lahore (Urdu)
Article Syed Abdul Aziz : An Intelligent Manister (Urdu)
Obituary Tribute to Mansoor Malangi: the king of folk music
Article The Horse that led Lahore to War by Majid Sheikh
News First-ever Punjabi conference
Article A Punjabi in New York: Juggling multiple identities
Article Shahar ko Pata Nahian, Kaun Chala Gaya (Urdu)
Announcment Submissions for 2015 Dhahan Prize for Punjabi Literature open January 1
Article Punjabi as a catalyst for regional and global trade — I
Article “I find gossip about me mildly amusing”
Article The Empire of the Indus…
Book Review Two Books : C-Harfyan Sussi Punnu and Bugamul Bishnu
Article The imperialism of language
Article Primery Education should be compulsory in Punjabi Language (Urdu)
Article The Sikh rulers of Lahore
Article The India-Pakistan divide does not carry over to music
Article Lok Sujag's view regarding Peshawar Incident (Shahmukhi)
Article Munir Niazi : A True Poet (Urdu)
Article End of a Folk Music Period (Urdu)
Article Nostalgia: Serenity in Shahpur
Article Brutal killing of School children (Urdu)
Article The Lahore Connection
Article Faiz and Daaman
Article The language of knowledge
Obituary Deth of Singer : Mansoor Malangi (Urdu)
Article Lahore Music House
Article Gawalmandi : A taste of history
Article Sufi music & culture festival held at NPC
Article Ghadar, Bhagat Singh and their legacies discussed
Article Music becomes collateral damage in souring of Pak-India ties
Article Dargah Baha-ud-Din Zikria (Urdu)
Article The Making of Exile: Sindhi Hindus and the Partition of India
Article Crossing borders: Why every Indian should visit Pakistan
Article The weight of their past
Article Why education is must in mother language? (Urdu)
Article Baba Fareed, Baitul Maqdas and Indin Saray (Urdu)
Article Crumbling majesty: The fascinating Pakka Qila
Article 170 years on, debate still on over Maharaja Ranjit's birthplace
Article 100 Years of WWW I (Urdu)
Article Homecoming, 100 Years after the great war
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Photo Gallery:  APNA's Punjabi Sham of Poetry and Music

Article Guru Nanak’s birth celebrations conclude in Hassanabdal
Article A unique voice
Article An outstanding addition
Article From the war front
Article Poet of lonely dreams
Article Chandan’s world
Article Connecting with the world
Book Review A story set in pre-partition Amritsar
Article Lahore’s tryst with modernity
Article When Jews found refuge in an unlikely place: Pakistan
Article Romancing the Punjab
Article Nayab Motee (Urdu)
Article ‘Message of Sufism should be circulated all over the world’
Article Bhagat Singh case reopen in Heigh Court of Pakistan (Urdu)

Females are Invading the Male bastions in Punjabi Language Tv In America

Book Review Out of the East came a man
Article Sehwan : The undisputed throne of Lal Shahbaz Qalandar
Story Earth worms

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Kalam Baba Farid-Prof. Satnam Sing & Bhupinder Singh Kafian-Abida Parveen
Kalam Baba Farid-Various Singers Kafian-Hamid Ali Bela
Kalam Bulleh Shah-Various Singers Kafian-Mian Sheharyar
Kalam Bulleh Shah -Abida Perveen Kafian-Pervaiz Ahkter
Kalam Sultan Bahu-Iqbal Bahu Kafian-Shazia Manzoor
Kalam Shah Hussain-Various Singers Sufi Music - E. Punjab
Kalam Khawaja Farid-Various Singers Heer Waris Shah-Various Singers-1
Kalam Khawaja Farid-Abida Perveen Heer Waris Shah-Various Singers-2
Kalam Khawaja Farid-Zahida Perveen Heer Waris Shah-Iqbal Bahu-1
Kalam Khawaja Farid-Mansoor Malangi Heer Waris Shah-Iqbal Bahu-2
Kalam Khawaja Farid-Shahida Perveen Heer Waris Shah-Abida Parveen
Kalam Khawaja Farid-Surraya Multanikar Heer Waris Shah-inayat Hussain Bhatti-1
Kalam Mian Muhammad Buksh - Iqbal Bahu Heer Waris Shah-Inayat Hussain Bhatti-2
Kalam Mian Muhammad Buksh - Shaukat Ali Heer Waris Shah-Liaqat Ianyat
Shiv Kumar Batalvi-1 (Jagjeet & Chitra) Shiv Kumar Batalvi-2 (Mohinder Kapoor)
Shiv Kumar Batalvi-3 (K.Deep/J.Kaur) Shiv Kumar Batalvi-4 (Various Singers)
Shiv Kumar Batalvi-5 (Kuldip Deepak) Shiv Kumar Batalvi-6 (Dolly Gloria-1)
Shiv Kumar Batalvi-7 (Dolly Guleria-2) Shiv Kumar Batalvi-8 (In His Own Vioce)
Shiv Kumar Batalvi-9 (Bhupinder/Mitali)

Shiv Kumar Batalvi-10 (Various Singers-2)

Shiv Kumar Batalvi-11 (Hans Raj Hans) Shiv Kumar Batali- 12- (Various Singers-3
Aamar-Salim Abdul Latif Bhittai Abida Parveen-1 Abida Parveen-2
Abida Parveen-3 Abida Parveen-4 Abida Perveen-5 Afshan
Afshan-2 Akbar-Ali-Jodhan Akram Rahi Akram Rahi-2
Alam Lohar Alam Lohar-2 Alam-Lohar-3 Alam-Lohar-4
Alam-Lohar-5 Ali Haider Ali Munawar Amar Singh Shonki
Amjad Parvaiz Aniqa Baano Arif Lohar Asa Singh Mastana
Asa Singh Mastana - 2 Asa Singh Mastana-3 Ashiq Hussain Jat-1 Ashiq Hussain Jat-2
Ashiq-Hussain-Jat-4 Ashiq-Hussain-Jat-5 Ashiq-Hussain-Jat-6 Ashiq-Hussain-Jat-7
Asif Khan Asrar Atif Aslam Attaullah Niazi
Attaullah Niazi-2 Attaullah Niazi-3 Attaullah Niazi-4 Attaullah Niazi-5
Attaullah Niazi-6 Aziz Mian Qawwal Azra Jahan  
Badar Miandad Bali Jatti & Ameen Barkat Sidhu Bashir-Lohar-1
Bashir-Lohar-2 Bibi Nooran Boliyan Punjab Diyan Bushra Sadiq
Chandi Ram Walipuria Chauhdry Afzal    
Davinder Kaur Deedar & Amrit Didar Sindhu Deen Muhammad Jalandhri Qawaal
Deen Muhammad Jallandhri Qawal-2      
Fazal & Abbass Jat Fida Hussain Fida-Hussain Film "Jugnee" Songs
Film "Kartar Singh" Film "Waris Shah" Film Muhabatan Sachiyan Film Songs
Film: "Khamosh Pani" Film Vanjara (Lata)    
Ghulam Ali Gulam Ali-2 Gurdas Maan Gurdas Mann-2
Gurmeet Bawa Gurmeet Bawa-2 Gurmeet Bawa-3  
Hadiqa Kiyani Hamid Ali Khan Hansraj Hans Hans Raj Hans-2
Hazara Singh Ramta Humaira Arshad-1 Humaira Arshad-2 Humaira Arshad-3
Humera Channa Hussain Bakhsh Gullu Hussain Buksh Dhadi  
Ibrarul-Haque Ibrar ul Haq-2 Inayat Ali Inayat Ali (No.2)
Inayat Hussain Bhatti-1 Inayat Hussain Bhatti-2 Inayat Hussain Bhatti-3 Inayat Kotia
Indian Film Songs-1 Indian Film Songs-2 Indian Film Songs-3 Irene Perveen
Jagjit Singh Jagjit Singh Shabad Jagmohan Kaur Jagmohan Kaur - 2
  Jasbir Jassi Jasbir-Khushdil Javaid & Babar Niazi Juman Khan
Kalam Baba Hakim Ali Kalam Baba Hakim-2 Kalam Sachal Sarmast Karmasa
Khalil Haider Kuldeep Manak Kuldip Manak - 2 Kuldeep Manak-3
Lal Din Shehbazi Loke Geet-1 Loke Geet-2 Loke Geet-3
Loke Geet-4 Loke Geet-5 Loke Geet-6 Loke Geet-7
Loke Geet-8 Loke Geet-9 Loke Geet-10 Loke-Geet-11
Loke-Geet-12 Loke-Geet-13 Loke-Geet-14 Loke-Geet-15
Loke-Geet-16 Loke-Geet-17 Loke-Geet-18 Loke-Geet-19
Loke-Geet-20 Loke-Geet-21 Loke-Geet-22 Loke-Geet-23
Loke-Geet-24 Loke-Geet-25 Loke-Geet-27
Loke-Geet-28 Loke Geet-E. Punjab-1 Loke Geet-E. Punjab-2 Loke Instrument
Loonay Wala Looney Wala-2 Loonewala-3  
M. Afzal Sufi Songs M.Sadiq/Ranjit Kaur M.Sadiq/Ranjit Kaur 2 M.Sadiq/Ranjit Kaur 3
Madan Gopal Singh Mala Malika Pukhraj/Tahira Malik Ali Malkoo
  Malik-Akbar-Sassi Mansoor Malangi Mansoor Malangi-2 Mansoor Malangi-3
  Maratab Ali Maratab Ali-2 Masood Rana Masood-Rana-2
  Masood-Rana-3 Masood-Rana-4 Masooma Anwar Master Salim
  Mix Songs New-1 Mohammad Rafi Mubarik/Fateh/Salamat Maulvi Ahmed Hassan Behranwale
  MunawarSultana Munir H. Wazirabadi Mussarat Nazir Mussart Nazir-2
Naeem Siddiqui Naheed Akhtar Narinder Biba Naseebo Lal
Naseebo Lal-2 Naseebo Lal-3 Naseebo Lal-4 Nasim Begum
Nasim Begum-2 Nazir Begum Noor Jahan Noor Jahan-2
Noor Jahan-3 Noor Jahan-4 Noor-Jahan-5 Noor-Jahan-6
Noor-Jahan-7 Noor-Jahan-8 Noor-Jahan-9 Noor-Jahan-10
Noor-Jahan-11 Noor-Jahan-12 Nusrat Fateh Ali-1 Nusrat Fateh Ali-2
Nusrat Fateh Ali-3 Nusrat Fateh Ali-3 Nusrat Fateh Ali-4 Nusrat Fateh Ali-5
Old Mixed Songs Old Punjabi Songs    
Pathaney Khan Pervaiz Akhtar Pervez Mehdi Punjabi Tunes
Puran Chand Payare Lal-1 Puran Chand Peyare Lal-2 Puran Chand Peyare Lal-3 Puran Chand Peyare Lal-4
Rabbi Shergill Raj Nijjar Reshman Runa Laila
Sain Akhter Sain Akhtar-2 Sain Mushtaq Sain Zahoor
Sanam Marvi Sarbit Cheema Folk Songs Shafaullah Khan Rokhri Shamshad Begum
Shahmshad Begum-2 Shahzada Asif Ali Shaukat Ali Shaukat Ali - 2
Shaukat-Ali-3 Shaukat-Ali-4 Shaukat Kashmiri Shazia Manzoor-1
Shazia Manzoor-2 Shazia Manzoor-3 Sheikh Ahmad Din Sher Miandad
Shujaat/Dhadi Sufi Music E. Punjab Suraya Khanum Surinder & Parkash Kaur
Surinder Shinda Surraya Multaniker-1 Surraya Multanikar-2 Surinder & Parkash Kaur - 2
Surjit Bindrakhia      
Taj Multani Tariq Amin Tasuwwar Khanam Traditional Loke
Tufail Niazi Tufail Niazi-2    
Wedding Songs-Mussarat Nazir      
Yamla Jatt Yousaf Zulaikha by Nusrat Fateh Ali    
Zubaida Khanam      


Punjabi Qissa Singing - Traditional

Qissa Dhol Sammi - Ashiq Hussain Jatt Qissa Puran Bhagat - Arif Hussain Bhatti
Heer - Mistri Abdullah Qissa Dulla Bhatti -Siddique & Shareef Raagi
Qissa Sohni MahiNwal-Ashiq Hussain Jatt Qissa Yousaf Zulaikha - Sain Mahboob


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Farah Lal Fariha Pervaiz Hakam Sufi Hina Nasrullah
Maratab Ali-3 Nadeem Abbas Loonewala Nooran Sisters Rahim Shah
Sabar Koti Sahir Ali Bagga Saira Nasim Tahir Mahmood Nayar
Bali Jatti - 2 Dilshad Akhtar Kanwar Grewal Satinder Sartaj


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Research Paper The Linguistic revival of Punjabi Feminism By Fakhra Hassan
Research Article History of Punjabi Speaking Jatts
Research Paper

The Historian and the Indian Census: Accounts of Religion in Late Nineteenth Century Punjab

Research Paper  Composite Culture in Pre-Partition Punjab by Kamaljit Bhasin-Malik
Research Paper Historiography and Baba Nanak in History by Harjeet Singh Gill
Research Paper Punjabi Research and Criticism - A Brief Study
Research Papers Waris Shah and his Heer
Research Paper Transformation of Giddha Dance of Punjab
Research Paper Rich Heritage of Punjabi Dalit Literature
Research Paper The Sikh Rule and Ranjit Singh

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Research Paper Punjabi and Heritage Language Planning in the UK
Research Paper Role of select courtiers and officials at lahore darbar (1799 - 1849)
Research Paper Rise, Growth And Fall Of Bhangi Misal
Research Paper Riots, Refugees and Rehabilitation- A Case Study of Punjab 1946-56
Research Paper

Women in colonial Punjab (1901 – 47)

Research Paper

Contesting vision of sikh identity in Punjab (1800 - 1930)

Research Paper Punjab Politics 1937-47 = Role of Joginder Singh, Ujjal Singh And Baldev Singh
Research Paper THE UDÃSÎS in the colonial Punjab (1849 A.D – 1947 A.D)
Research Paper Society and culture of the Punjab (Late Eighteenth-Early Nineteenth Century)
Research Paper

Role of sir Chhotu Ram in Punjab politics a case study of Rohtak District

Research Paper

Linguistic & Ethnic identity – A comparative analysis of Andhra, Punjab & Assam

Research Paper

The Imperial war and its consequences the Punjab (1939 - 1945)

Research Paper

History in popular movements – British Punjab, (1849 - 1947)

Research Paper The end of the Raj Was also the end of the lavish-life-style of the maharajas
Research Paper In one hand a pen in the other a gun: Punjabi language radicalism in Punjab, Pakistan
Research Paper Elite interests, popular passions and social power in the language politics of India
Research Paper A postcolonial sociolinguistics of Punjabi in Pakistan
Research Paper Heer Waris Shah
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Report Calgary Report 2014
Report Rahs Mela - 3-Day Theatre Festival October 2013, Sahiwal
Report Writers Forum, Calgary - July 2014 Meeting (Gurmukhi)
Report FBS Release Report (Shahmukhi)
Report FBS Release Report
Report FBS Release Report (Gurmukhi)
Report Writers Forum Report May 2014 (Gurmukhi)
Report Report (Gurmukhi)
Report Kahani Darbar in Canada
Report Dr. Harnam Singh Shan ate Darshan Gill nu shardhanjli bhent
Report New Books Published by Suchet Kitab Ghar, Lahore
Report PLEA's International Mother Day Language Day
Report Kafila Meeting Report - October, 2010
Report Book Function: Punjabi Zuban Naheen Maer Gi
Report Book Release: Punjabi Zubaan Naheen Mare Gi
Report Meeting Report - Punjabi Kalmaan Da Kafla, Toronto, Sept. 2010
Report Mela Tian Da 2010

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Announcement PLEA: 12th International Mother Language Day
Announcement Writer's Lifetime Achievement Award 2014
Announcement Crash - Cultivating South Asian theatre
Announcement Punjabi Language Education Technical Workshop, May 30 - June 1
Announcement 17th Annual Punjabi Festival in Yuba City
Announcement Daily Recitation from Saiful Malook in Rawalpindi
Announcement AASA to host seminar on Waris Shah
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22 Modern Punjabi Poets - In Their Own Voice
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Complete Heer by Damuder Daas
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Mirza Saheban by Peelo
Sassi Punoon by Hashim Shah
Qissa Puran Bhagat by Qadir Yaar
Mirza Saheban by Sain Mola Shah Mejethvi
Sassi Punun by Sain Mola Shah Mejethvi

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Shreenh De Phul by Shiv Kumar Batalvi Eknan Naheen Loon
Safar De Raat by Munir Niazi Khiyal Keh Khayal
Chaar Chup CheezaN by Munir Niazi Sheesh Mehal Di Waar
Naveen Rut by Amirta Preetam KafiaaN
Sawe Pattar by Prof. Mohan Singh HaRh De Phul
Dhoongey Paindey by Pir Fazal Gujrati Rut De Kamm
Shah Jo Risalo by Abdul Latif Bhattai Chandan Rukh Te VehRa
Hamzad Da Dukh by Tariq Aziz Qissay
Dil De Hath Muhar by Farhat Abbas Kaal Thaal
Keeh Likhaan by Malik M Zamarud Khaako JaiD Na Ko
Daaman De Moti- Ustad Daaman Aam DinaaN De NaaN
Ek Gawachi Shaam By Shahida Dilawar Shah Rung - NanakoN Farid, FaridoN Nanak
Bharay BhaRolay By Wasif Ali Wasif Takhat Lahore
KhaTya WaTya by Ashfaq Ahmed Alfo Perni Di Vaar
Allah MiaN Thallay Aa by SaaiN Akhtar Lahori Ikath Kahani
Ishq Allah Di Zaat by Ishqi SaaiN LokaN KamlyaN nu qissa hushiar
Noon Ghunan by Irfan Malik AhiaaN VichoN NahiaaN
Ek Udhri Kitab De Betarteeb Warqe- Ahmad Salim Jangle Da Raakha
Payar Sazawan - Asif Shafi Saaran
Punjabi Poetry of Wajahat Masood Saidan
Mukashfa by Syed Tanvir Bokhari Jit Ahar, Jag Udhrey
Learn Gurmukhi&Shahmukhi Sach Sada Abadi Karna

Complete Books on Punjabi Language, Literature, Criticism, etc.

Sedhaan - Najm Hussain Syed (Shahmukhi) Punjabi Keeven Likhiye-Jamil Pal (Shahmukhi)
Nik Suk - Asif Khan(Shahmukhi) Punjabi Zuban Da PachokaR- Asif Khan (Shahmukhi)
Hor Nik Suk- Asif Khan(Shahmukhi) JhatiaaN by Sharif Kunjahi
Jagratay by Sharif Kunjahi Ahmad Rahi: Batan, Mulaqatan by Ahmad Salim

Selected Poetry

Waris Shah Sachal Sarmust Bulleh Shah Bulleh Shah - Eng. Translation Khwaja Farid
Pash Shiv Kumar Batalvi Nadir Ali Ghalib's Punjabi Translation Ahmed Rahi
Surjeet Paater Mushtaq Sufi Ashfaque Ahmed Mazhar Tirmizi Javed Zaki
Amarjit Chandan-1 Akhter Shaikh Ustad Daman Arshad Chohal Asif Shahkar
Amarjit Chandan-2 Baba Abu Zari Mir Tanha Yousufi Zafar Iqbal Ahmed Saleem
Bushra Ejaz Munno Bhai Dr. Laeeq Babri Rishpal Singh Ojla Shazad Qaiser
Moizullah Malik Pir Fazal Gujrati Anwar Masood Muhammad Afzal Shahid Sarfraz Tabassum
Dr. Amanullah Tariq Gujjer Iqbal Ramoowalia Sufi Tabassum Saleem Pasha
Tufail Khalish Wazir Agha Abid Ameeq Faiz Ahmad Faiz Tanveer Bukhari
Mian Zafar Maqbool Afzal Naveed Dr. Munawar Kanday Abdul Karim Qudsi Muhammad Ali Muztar
Prem Kumar Majeed Awan Harbhajan Singh Aisha Aslam Fauzia Rafiq
Shahzad Aslam Raafia Zia      

NOVEL/ STORIES (Shahmukhi)

POETRY-English Translations

Adh Chaneni Raat - Gurdial Singh Punjabi Poetry/Marriage Songs by Suman Kashyap
Pankh Mukat: Trans. Maqsood Saqib Qadir Yaar's Puran Bhagat by Taufiq Rafat
Zameen Puche Asman - Dalip Tiwana Bulleh Shah by Kartar Singh Dugal
Library di kitab - Shahida Dilawar Shah Puran Singh Kanwar's Poetry - T.C. Ghai
Maha Matar Hovay ga te dassay gi na - Shahida Dilawar Shah English Translations of Pash's Poetry
Kabootar, Baneray Te GaliyaN - Zubair Ahmad English Translation: Dhani Ram Chatrik's Poem
Dhongian Shaaman  by Nawaz  Four Kafis of Bulleh Shah by Parvez Anjum
BhaRaki Gaan - Raja Muhamamd Ahmed  


Life Under One Roof - A Novel by Gurnam Gill A Punjabi Sikh Community in Australia
I Still Remember a Small Town in Punjab - O P Narula The Contours of Punjabi Poetry- N S Tasneem

PUNJABI POETRY (Roman/English)

Baba Farid Sultan Bahoo Bulleh Shah
Shiv Kumar Batalvi Prof. Mohan Singh Wedding Songs
Loke Geet Moizullah Tariq Malik

Selections from West Punjabi Magazines

Articles of Maqsood Saqib

Weekly Punjabi Columns

Punjabi Book Publishers and Book Sellers

Journal of Punjab Studies: Bi-Annual English Magazine by University of California



Large Collection of Punjabi Music Albums in Flash

Punjabi Sufi, Folk, Film, Pop and Bhangra Music




Sufi and Folk Music

Pop and Bhangra Music


APNA's Books

Books Published by APNA: See Details!!!


Photo Gallery:  APNA's Punjabi Sham of Poetry and Music
Ustaad Shaukat Ali's Concert  Holiday Inn, Leesburg, Virginia, Sept 14, 2013
APNA's Opening of Punjabi and English Translations of Yashpal's Hindi Novel "Jhoota Sach"
Punjabi Mushaira in Washington DC
APNA's Punjabi Conference at Harvard University
APNA's Punjabi Conference at Lahore
Release of Kalam Baba Nanak in Shahmukhi
Play: Loha Kut by Balwant Gargi
APNA's Second International Punjabi Conference
APNA's Fourth International Punjabi Conference
Niazi Brothers' Concert
APNA's Dinner with Zia Shahid
APNA's Dinner with Dr. Javed Zaki
Punjabi Baithak in Tokyo
APNA's Indian Chapter celebrates "EK Sham Shiv De Naam"
Javed Zaki and Amrita Pritam Remembered
APNA's Dinner Meeting With Mowahid Shah
Punjabi Play "Made In USA"
Remembering Munir Niazi
APNA's Meeting on Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai
APNA's & ISNA's Meeting on Suchal Sarmast's Poetry
A Evening of Sufi Poetry Singing
An Evening of Heer Singing
Ahmad Salim's Reception by APNA
Concert: Ustaad Rafaqat Ali Khan
Dinner with Prof. Jagmohan Singh
APNA's Evening With Iqbal Bahu



Pakistan Trip Pictures by Dalvir Punnu - On the Trail of Maharaja Ranjit Singh

Pakistan Trip Pictures by Dalvir Punnu - Gurdawara Dehra Sahib, Lahore

Pictures of Shah Hussain's Mazar
Pictures of Mian Mir's Mazar
Pictures of Bulleh Shah's Mazar
Pictures of Hujra Waris Shah at Malika Hans
Profile of an artist - Jimmy Engineer - Partition paintings and more ...
Pictures of Rural Punjab
Pictures of Golden Temple - Amritsar
Pictures from APNA's Third Punjabi Conference
Pictures from APNA's Fourth Punjabi Conference
Miscellaneous Pictures from APNA's Archives

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