On saturday the 14th of April, the World Punjabi Organisation (WPO) under the auspices of Sardar Vikramjit Singh Sawhney organized Vaisakhi Celebrations which included a cultural evening and dinner. Many prominent Punjabis from both (East Punjab and West Punjab) sides were present. Prominent among those who attended the show were Mian Arshad Aalam business man and convenor of WPO, Lahore, Mr. Kuldip Nayar, peacenik, Mr. Mukhtiar Tirmizi (Pakistan embassy), Ashwini Kumar, Minister of State for Industry.

The best part about the show was that after a long time there was a truly "Punjabi" essence to the overall function which was clear from the presence of both guests and artists from both the Punjabs. Ruby Reshma was also present and enthralled the audience with some very popular numbers.

Apart from the normal eat, drink and dance there were some very deep speeches made by Mian Arshad Aalam who stated that in 1947 Punjabis had gone insane and the reality is that Punjabiat transcends barriers. He talked about the importance of cultural and economic interactions between the Punjabs. Mr. Kuldip Nayar also echoed the same views and laid stress on easing out of visa procedures and beginning trade on both sides. Mr. Nayar also warned that if Punjabis do not take care, the Punjabi language will gradually dissappear as already the number of Punjabi speakers is dwindling. On the whole such celebrations are imperative as they show Punjabis on both sides that we are one culture and society divided by a border. It is up to us not to create any mental boundaries/blocks. It is nice to see that on both sides Punjabis have realized that neither East nor West Punjab alone can promote Punjabiat it has to be a joint effort.

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