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Yakke Wali

(Tape on the movie twice if it doesn't start on your cell phone)

About the Film

Yakke Wali, 1957 Director: M.J. Rana Music: G.A. Chishti Lyrics: Ahmad Rahi Playback: Zubaida Khanum, Ali Baksh Zahoor, Azra Sultana, Zarif Cast: Musarrat Nazir, Sudhir, Ajmal, Nazar, Zarif, Zubaida Khanum, Ilyas Kashmiri, Sultan, Neelo It was a blockbuster Pakistani film, which completed more than 50 weeks on a single cinema (Capital Cinema Lahore). Musarrat Nazir played the title role. From the profit of this film, producer Bari Malik purchased property of the biggest ever film studio Bari Studio (92 kanal) on Multan Road Lahore. The business of this film approximately was Rs. 4 million and the film expenditures were just around about one lakh (Rs. 100.000).