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Mirza Untold

(Tape on the movie twice if it doesn't start on your cell phone)

About the Film

An enduring Punjabi culture boasts of a sword and stick art that teaches that perseverance can lead to triumph. Though it has not sunken into oblivion but it has never made it to the big screen. Fateh (the film) ignites the spirit of getting back up even when the tragic past weighs one down like an anchor. Fateh weaves a love story Partner rating: No mature content Release date: 2014 Running time: 2:28:04 Language: Punjabi Actors: Nav Bajwa Samiksha Singh Gurpreet Ghuggi Director: Jaspreet Rajan Producer: Jyotdeep Singh & Munjan Preet Singh Writer: Jaspreet Rajan Category: Action & Adventure Drama Indian Cinema