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Canada Di Flight

(Tape on the movie twice if it doesn't start on your cell phone)

About the Film

Canada Di Flight is the story of three young Punjabi men who want to go to Canada and settle down there. They decide to go through an agent called Chawla and whether they are able to board the flight to Canada forms the story. Partner rating: No mature content Release date: 2016 Running time: 2:13:11 Language: Punjabi Actors: Yuvraj Hans Navraj Hans Tarun Mehta Shobhita Rana Akriti Bharati Aanushka Ramesh Rana Ranbir Nirmal Rishi Director: Roopesh Rai Sikand Producers: Sunil Pathare Ajay Makkar Deepak Choudhary Tejas Parmar Writers: Roopesh Rai Sikand Manoj Sabharwal Category: Comedy Family Indian Cinema