On these pages, we will be posting weekly and monthly Punjabi columns written by various West Punjabi writers. If you write a regular Punjabi column, or would like to start writing one and publish it on APNA web page, please contact:    rammah@apnaorg.com                                 

1. Professor Saeed Ahmad's Weekly Columns (Shahmukhi)

2. A Hameed's Weekly Column "Lahore, Lahore Aye" (Engilsh)

3. Shahida Dilawar Shah's Weekly Columns (Shahmukhi)

4.  S. P. Singh's Fortnightly Columns (English)

5. Shafqat Tanvir Mirza's (English)

6. Govardhan Gabbi's (Shahmukhi & Gurmukhi)

7. Majid Sheikh's (English)

8. Professor Saeed Ahmad's Weekly Columns (Gurmukhi)

9. Dr.Priya Saini's Fortnightly Columns (Gurmukhi)

10. Syed Asif Shahkar's Columns (Shahmukhi)

11. Shahid Mirza's Art Reviews (English)

12. Dr. Zafar Iqbal Mohsin's Columns (Shahmukhi)

13. Gulshan Dayal (Shahmukhi/Gurmukhi)

14. Mushtaq Soofi`s Columns (English)

15. Mahmood Awan`s Columns (English)

16. Mubarak Ali`s Columns (English)

17. Javed Boota`s Columns (Shahmukhi)

18. Dr. Manzoor Ejaz`s Columns (Urdu)