Marvelous presentation of the Punjabi play ‘Mein Bhagat Singh’

Brampton - A ‘Gadri function’ was organized by Gadar Heritage Organization dedicated to 100th anniversary of Martyr Bhagat last week at local chingousy Secondry School. In beginning of the function revolutionary songs were presented by Baltej, Pali and Danish Mohamed. The known Story writer of Punjabi literature Waryam Sandhu insisted on people to adopt the principals of Bhagat Singh in their daily life.Iqbal Sumbal also narrated the present situation of the people in many country and invite the people to fight against injustice.The choreography on different songs was presented by the children of Guru kal accedemy.The first play of the evening was ‘Kaarobaari Planing’written and directed by H.S.Randhawa which was a familiar comedy in which the condition of the immigrants from Punjab was presented. It was a real story of every house of Punjabis here. The finger was also raised on the social evils like drugs, discrimination, incertinity, hardship and children’s future. In this play HS Randhawa his wife Baljeet Randhawa and daughter Rabia Randhawa performed their acting very well. Everybody in the audience enjoyed the comedy very much and conceived the real message of the play too.  The highlight of the program was the marvelous presentation of the main play of the function written by Pali Bhupinder Singh and directed by H.S.Randhawa ‘Mein Bhagat Singh’. The play was representing of the thinking of Bhagat Singh. This play was story of the poor people who are the victims of multinational companies which are capturing the lands of the people on the name of globalisation.Lachhi is a very jenious person who looks like an abnormal man but he always speaks true. He gave the books about Bhagat Singh’s life and work done by him to Oma a child labourer.Oma didn’t like the chid-labourer as he want to study.The Bhagat Singh come in the imaginations dreams of Oma and provoked him to fight against injustice and become like him. So he started blabbering in semi-unconsciously ‘mein bhagat singh’.The police force come to take over the land on which there houses and other businesses are, but that was acquired by the govt. on the name of mega-project. The people gave a big fight to save their belongings. That was the theme of the play. In the role of Oma who represent Bhagat Singh master Navnoor Sidhu did very well with his companion child artists Manveer Mander, Rabia Randhawa and Gurpreet Khehra who performed like professional artists.As Lachhi Jaswinder Babbu succeeded to convey the message of  martyrs to the audience.Baltej as poor peasant Maghar and Baljeet as his wife Sito performed remarkable roles.As tea stall owner chacha Jagwinder Judge who is the the old artist of Punjabi theatre did very well.Among other artists Chandi Karnani as Police Inspector,Karmjeet Gill as tailor and police constable,Supan Sandhu as Bhagat Singh performed very good. The audience seemed emotional many times on different scenes and water from their eyes was ran through.Although some artists performed first time on stage, but by hard working of rehearsals director polished them very well. The stage set was very good designed by Kulwinder Khehra according the situation. He also played the music which was well composed to build up the situations of the play. Special effects of lights were made by HS Randhawa who also designed and directed the production. The small children were repeating the theme song of the play loudly in the hall ‘mein bhagat singh’ which shows the success of conveying the message of the play to the people. Over all it was the excellent presentation by HS Randhawa to the Punjabis of Canada.It is to remember that Mr.HS Randhawa is a veteran artist director of Punjabi theatre. He is performing for the last 27years.He performed in 150plays on more than 2000stages in various countries and directed more than 100plays.He also wrote four books of Punjabi plays. He is in Canada since 2005 and presented three plays here in 2006 too. His active involvement in theatre here will bring high possibilities in Punjabi theatre here. It will be good for the future of Punjabi theatre if some people patronize the artists.

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