Academy of the Punjab in North America

English eBooks



17-The Culture of India
Kathleen Kuiper
  18-The Dancing Girls of Lahore
Louise Brown
  19-Studies in Islamic Culture in the Indian Environment
Aziz Ahmad
  20-Punjabi Musalman
Lt. Co. J.M. Wikeley


21-Afghan and Pathan
George B. Scott, C.I.E.
  22-Social History of Islamic India
Mohammad Yasin

  23- South Asian Partition Fiction in English
Rituparna Roy
  24-Language, Religion and Politics in North India
Paul R. Brass


25-Panjabi Sketches
Two Friends
  26- Language Policy Identity and Religion
Tariq Rahman
  27-Murder of History
K. K. Aziz
  28-The Social & Economic History of the Punjab (1901-1939)
B. S. Saini


29-The Rise of Sikhs Abroad
Gurmukh Singh
  30-Behind Mud Walls
William Wiser & Charlotte Wiser
  31-Who Owns Pakistan
  32- India`s Villages
M. N.Srinivas