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The 9th issue of APNA's quarterly Punjabi magazine SANJH has been released.  SANJH is a unique and one of a kind Punjabi magazine which is published in two separate volumes - with identical content - from Lahore in Shahmukhi script and from Ludhiana in Gurmukhi script, and is distributed in India, Pakistan and in other countries where Punjabis live. It presents the best writings of Punjabi writers from around the world.  We are publishing it in both Shahmukhi and Gurmukhi so that readers of both scripts will be able to read the same content.

We request all APNA members and friends to become a regular subscriber of SANJH. We will ship it wherever you live.  Click on one of the following links to get the information about SANJH's subscription:

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(SANJH-9 Contributors)

Ahmad Salim

Afzal Rajpoot

Aisha Saleem

Akhlaq Atif

Ali Rajpura

Ashwani Bagaria

Azher Munir

B. S. Chauhan

Ejaz Ali Ejaz

Gurcharan Kaur

Ghufar Gursi

Iqbal Qaiser

Jagir Preet

Jaswinder Mehram

Fazal Khusro

Mirza Shahid Beg

Saeeda Kukhtar

Saleem Shehzad

Zubair Ahmad

Saleem Shehzad

Saleem pasha




Subhash Sharma


Vinod Khurana


Here is the list of contents of issue 9 of SANJH:


Sikhi Dor Diyan Heeran: Aamir Ghufar Gursi (Pakistan)
Katha Chache Ghulam Lohar Di - 2: Ahmad Salim (Pakistan)
Ustaad Ghazal Go Chaman Lal Sukhi:  Subhash Sharma (India)


Najam Hussian Syed (Pakistan), Salim Shehzad (Pakistan), Iqbal Qaiser (Pakistan), Salim Pasha (Pakistan), Mazher Munir (Pakistan), Ejaz Ali Ejaz (Pakistan), Ikhlaq Atif (Pakistan), Dr. Nisar Ahmed (USA), Mirza Shahid Beg (Pakistan), Aisha Saleem (Pakistan) 

Short Stories

Mojza: Saeeda Muhtar Yunus (Pakistan)
Ret Utte Ukre Supne: Ashoni Bagrian (India)
Riwaj:  Afzal Rajpoot
Putha Charkha: Fazal Ahmed Khusru


Boota Singh Chauhan (India), Jiswander Mehram (India), Nirinder Dansiwalia (India), Vinod Khirana (India), Manjit Patti (India), Jagir Pareet (India), Gurcharan Kaur Kocher (India)



Loke Sangeet Da Badshah 'Kuldeep Manak": Ali Muhammad Rajpuria (India)
Iqbal Qaiser
Kafi Bulleh Shah Di: Zubair Ahmed (Paksitan)

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