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  Research Papers Bal/Jat Ancient History
  Research Papers A Survey of the State of the Art in Punjabi Language Processing
  Research Papers Punjabi Machine Transliteration
  Research Papers Towards a UNICODE Compatible Punjabi Character Set
  Research Papers Punjabi dalit youth: social dynamics of transitions in identity
  Dissertation Sharing Saints, Shrines and Stories in North India: Practicing Pluralism in North India Punjab's
  Workshop Paper Sikh Migration to France in a Comparative Perspective
  Research Report Studying the Religious Socialization of Sikhs and "Mixed-Faith" Youth in Britain
  Research Papers A Minority Within a Minority: The Ravidassia Sikhs
  Dissertation Archaeology, Numismatics and Religion in Early Historic Punjab
  Book Chapter Inside the Guru's Gate
  Research Articles Punjab Since 1849 - An Introduction
  From the Web Language Policy and Localization in Pakistan
  Research Article Government Policies and the Policy of the Teaching of Urdu in Pakistan
  Research Article Language, Power and Politics in Pakistan: The Case of Sindh and Sindhi
  Research Papers Education Reform in Pakistan: Building for the Future
  Research Papers Language, Religion and Identity in Pakistan: Language Teaching in Madressas
  Conference Paper Punjabi Folk Poetry
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