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Rich Heritage of Punjabi Dalit Literature and its Exclusion from Histories

Raj Kumar Hans

Exploring Tourism Opportunities: Documentation of Uses of Spaces of the Pre-Partitioned Temples and Gurudwaras in Punjab, Pakistan

Zahida Rehman Jatt

Punjabi and Heritage Language Planning in UK

Stephen Gacciardi

Role of Select Coutiers and Officials at Lahore Darbar (1799-1849)

Rajinder Kaur

A Brief History of Punjabi Poetry

Durlabh Singh

Archaeology, Numismatics, and Religion in Early Historic Punjab

Daniel Merton Michon

Bhai Vir Sing's Achievement: A Brief Introduction

Gurbachan Singh Talib

Composite Culture in Pre-Partition Punjab: Fractures and Continuities

Kamaljit Bhasin-Malik alias Meeto

Punjabi Folk Poetry

Balwant Gargi

Language Policy and Localization in Pakistan: Proposal for a Paradigmatic Shift

Tariq Rahman


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