Javed Boota has passed away in Chantilly, Virginia after a prolonged illness.   He won the Dhahan award for his collection of short stories Chaluan di Burki in 2022.  Boota emerged as a fiction writer, translator, transliterator, and literary editor. Among his recognized translated books into Punjabi are Punjabi-Hindi writer Yashpal’s remarkable two- volume novel Jhutha Sach on Partition and Krishna Sobti’s acclaimed novella Mitro Marr Jaani. His acclaimed translation of Chekov’s play Proposal into Punjabi has been part of the syllabus at one of the institutes of higher learning in Lahore. He transliterated Gurmukhi script poetry of Pash, Veena Varma’s book of short stories 'Mull di Tivein,' Rashpal Singh Aujla’s book of poems 'Shikra' and Ravindar Sahra’s poetry titled 'Kujh Nah Kaho' into Shahmukhi.   Boota was a co-founder of the Academy of the Punjab in North America (APNA) and the quarterly 'Sanjh' Punjabi magazine.