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A hilarious Punjabi play with 1000's of laughs

Presented by: APNA and ISHA

At Ernst Theater, Northern Virginia Community College,

8333 Little River Trnpk, Annandale, Virginia

  Phone: 703-323-3159

Saturday, August 27 and Sunday, 28 at 4:00PM

Donation $10 per person

  For information: E-Mail - rammah@apnaorg.com

Call: Safir Rammah 703-691-6186,    Balwant Multani 703-425-4655,    Bhupender Sehgal  703-715-1138


Introduction of "Made In USA"

Arif Waqar, the veteran TV and Stage playwright who is now working for BBC Television, has written the script of Made in USA with one purpose in mind – to have the audience laugh and smile non-stop from the beginning to end with his double-edged satire of a typical Punjabi family, as well as of American society - their dream homeland.  Every character in the play and all the twists and turns of the plot contribute to make it an unforgettable and massively entertaining performance. There are no dull moments in this fast-paced comedy with 16 characters and many sub-plots.

The play opens with a scene at Chauhdary’s residence where Chauhdary and his servant Sansaar are getting ready to receive Chauhdary’s long lost son who is expected to arrive home from the train station at any moment.

Sansaar is not just a servant; he is also Chauhdary’s childhood companion and his confidant. Sansaar has an uncanny ability to see through the duplicity, hypocrisy, double talk and false pretensions of all the other characters in the play.  He exposes everyone’s real character and true intentions through his witty and humorous jabs and comments, sparing no one including his own boss, Chauhdary.

In a quick succession, the other main characters of the play start gathering at the Chauhdary’s residence. Dr. Felsoof enters with his secretary, Sheela, and declares that he is a psychologist who wants to help Chauhdary in facing the emotional shock of meeting his lost son after 20 years. As soon as Dr. Felsoof learns that Chauhdary is planning to migrate to the US, he realizes that he can use Chauhdary for funding his safe escape from the country.  He offers to arrange for the airline tickets of Chauhdary and his family and tells him that Sheela who is a permanent resident of the US can help them settle in the US. The reason why Dr. Felsoof is desperate to leave the country is disclosed later.

Chauhdary’s son Ihtisham, his wife Chauhdarani and his other ‘son’ Saleem now come home from the train station, accompanied by the funniest character of the play, Chunee Chacha.  The other characters, Shurlee (who is in love with the charmimg Salma), Slama (who is in love with Saleem), Sultana (who used to be Saleem before turing into gorgeous Sultana), travel agent, taxi driver and junk dealer also enter one after another and the comical interaction of all the characters unfolds in many hilarious scenes.

Finally, Toni who is a distant relative of Chauhdarani and has been living in the US for many years comes to visit the Chauhdary family.  After initially raising their enthusiasm about migration to the US to a higher pitch, Tony eventually describes the true face of American society.  In an emotional drop scene, Chauhdary cancels his plan to go to the US and the play comes to a dramatic conclusion.


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