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Academy of the Punjab in North America


With more than 2500 members and many chapters in 42 countries of the world, APNA is one of the largest international Punjabi organization working for the promotion of Punjabi language, literature and culture.

Punjabi language and culture have gone through great stress during the last two centuries. Due to historical reasons Punjabi was not patronized by its rulers; while the alien rulers from the north had no interest in promoting Punjabi, its indigenous ruler Ranjit Singh could not replace Punjabi with Persian. Furthermore, Punjabi was the only language that was not recognized as the medium of elementary education by the British. After the independence, Pakistani rulers despised this language, while in India, the position of Punjabi was weakened by dividing the Punjabi speaking areas into many provinces. The only bright spot was the newly carved East Punjab where it has been recognized as the official language. Despite such prolonged hostility by the rulers of the Punjab, it has been kept alive by Sufis, Gurus, Bhagats and the intellectuals of the Punjab. Nevertheless, the advancement of communication technology is creating new pressures on the Punjabi language and culture. Some feel that Punjabi will be extinct if special efforts are not made to revive Punjabi language and culture. The Academy of the Punjab in North America (APNA) has been created to be a partner in saving the Punjabi from extinction.

For more information about APNA, please visit their web page

http: www.apnaorg.com

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