About The Book

No doubt, ‘Life under One Roof’ is a distinctive piece of literature. The chapters of this fiction have an added value, many contemporary works do not posses as they are so deep and challenging, with something new being gained on every reading and this text has been structured such a way contains food for thought, and will make readers devour chapter after chapter.

This reflects the lifelong experience and richness of writer’s mind and it is clearly evident, that he has cleverly used literary techniques. The most distinction of this book is that its chapters are individually independent like a series of short stories because almost in every chapter, protagonist is there to proceed along the narrative.
Writer’s skilful wielding of such very powerful tool, he has used to create this marvellous piece of literature; he creates a sense of realism and immediacy to keep the reader right there, in the midst of the narrative as the characters voice their opinions and ideas.

It provides the reader with an insight of global society, concept of transformation and a sense of respect for equality. Mr Gurnam Gill seems to be a very talented wordsmith, possessed of an excellent command of expression and style; yet for him, English is a foreign language. His works meticulously crafted with extremely evocative imagery and lyrical prose, indeed, are very enjoyable and stimulating.

                                                                                         By: G S Arif