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Hazrat Maulvi Ghulam Rasool Alampuri was born on Monday 29 January 1849 , (05 Rabi-ul-Awal 1265 Hijri) in village Alampur, Tehsil Dasuya, District Hushiarpur India . He was Gujjar by caste and his subcaste was Kisana. He was the only son of Choudhry Murad Bakhsh. His mother Mohtarma Rahmat Bibi died when Maulvi Sahib reached the age of 6(six) month only. His father died when Maulvi Sahib was only 12 years old.


We do not have any knowledge of him getting regular education, and it has to be accepted that the knowledge which Maulvi Sahib had and which can be seen in his poetry, was God gifted. However he received preliminary education from Maulvi Hamid Sahib of his own village and also read some books of Arabic and Persian. After this some knowledge he got from Maulvi Usman of another near by village Ghilzian.  


After getting formal education Maulvi Sahib started teaching in a Primary School of Meerpur , where he taught as a teacher from 1864 to 1878. In 1878 Maulvi Sahib was transferred village Mahesar. It is situated about 2 miles from Alampur, where he taught 4 years and after this he resigned in 1882 and came back to Alampur. He imparted education for eighteen years (1864 A.D-1882 A.D) in the Govt. Primary Schools of village Mahesar and Meerpur Distt. Hoshiarpur , India as an outstanding teacher. When he resigned at that time his age was about 33 years. He served as a teacher for about 18 years. Approximately 40 students, from far flung areas, also acquired free education in Medical (Tib), Urdu and Persian from his large Maktab in Alampur, whereas he belonged to an Agriculturist/Ziminidar family.  


The habits and behavior of Maulvi Sahib were exceptionally nice and delicate. He had a dignified and impressive personality. He never talked in anger and he was very social. He weared very good, neat and clean dresses. He used to wear white shirt (Kurta) with white dhoti and pagri on head. For cleaning teeth he uses misvak regularly.  


Hazrat Maulvi Ghulam Rasool Alampuri was of medium feature. Features of his face were beautiful, body was slim but not weak, but it was healthy and of medium nature. Beard was short. Teeth were white, parallel and beautiful. Colour was reddish. Eyes were medium neither big nor small but a little reddish. Because of illness in childhood signs of chicken pox grew on his face. His hands were fleshy and reddish. His hair were thick but not so long. Forehead was not thin but was average. Neck was neither slim nor fat.  


He got married thrice. First marriage was solemnized in 1869 A.D at the age of 20. That wife died in 1873 A.D. There was no child from her. The second marriage was in 1881 A.D, this wife died in   1886 A.D. From this wife he had a daughter named “Ayesha”. He married third time in 1891 A.D, from which he had one daughter named “Khadija” she was married to Choudhry Abdul Aziz of Alampur. Khadija Bibi had 2 sons and 3 daughters, namely Abdul Latif, Abdul Rasheed and daughters Saeeda Begum, Masooda Begum and Razia Begum. Razia Begum got married with Ch. Ghulam Qadir after 1947. Ch. Ghulam Qadir was the resident of village Phambra, Tehsil Bhunga, in the state of Kapoorthala , India . After this he resided in village 142 G.B Tehsil Samundri, Distt. Lyallpur , Pakistan .

Sahibzada Masud Ahmed is one of the sons of Razia Begum who is maternal daughter of Maulvi Sahib and Sahibzada Masud Ahmed is maternal grandson of Maulvi Sahib. Sahibzada Masud Ahmed laid foundation of “ Hazrat Maulvi Ghulam Rasool Alampuri Academy ” in 30 November 1990 . The registered Head Office of which is in Faisalabad , Pakistan .  


He wrote many books as well. Books of Maulvi Sahib have also been included from Matric to M.A level in Pakistan and two PhD’s have also been completed on the personality and poetry of Maulvi Sahib. Most of the books of Maulvi Sahib have also been translated into the language of Gurmukhi in India . Most of his books are in Punjabi but he wrote a few books in Urdu, Persian and Arabic as well.

The detail of books written by Maulvi Ghulam Rasool Alampuri are as under

  1. He wrote his first book “Dastan-e-Ameer Hamza” at the age of fifteen in a months time in 1864 A.D, 1281 Hijri. Whereas he completed its second and third volume on Thursday 29th April 1869 A.D, 16  Muharam 1286 Hijri, 8 Besakh 1926 Bikarmi at the age of 20 in two months only. The total verses of “Ameer Hamza” are approximately 20,000.
  2. Second book “Rooh-ul-Tarteel” was completed in 1868 A.D, 1285 Hijri at the age of 19. The total verses of “Rooh-ul-Tarteel” are 256. 
  3. Third book “Ahsan-ul-Qasas” was completed in a months time in 1290 Hijri, 1873 A.D at the age of 24. The total verses of “Ahsan-ul-Qasas” are 6666.
  4. Fourth book “Masla-e-Tauheed” which is in Urdu was completed in 1878 A.D, in 17 Zikad, 1295 Hijri. This book is in prose.
  5. “Seeh Harfi Huliya Shrif (Muhammad PBUH)” was written on Tuesday, 27 Rabi-ul-Awal 1297 Hijri, 9th march 1880 A.D, 28 Phagan 1936 Bikarmi at the age of 31.
  6. He wrote letters in poetry to his three friends namely Syed Roshan Ali, Heeray Shah and Sahibzada Ghulam Yaseen. The letter written to Syed Roshan Ali was written on 8th Muharam 1300 Hijri, 26 Katak 1939 Bikarmi, Monday 10 November 1882 A.D at the age of 33.
  7. He wrote a “Seeh Harfi Sassi Punnu” which is beautiful example of his poetry.
  8. He wrote a “Chopat Nama” which is beautiful example of his poetry.
  9. “Pandh Nama” this relates to a story where a woman asked about way to her destination. Which is beautiful example of his poetry.
  10. The 10th and last book is “Maarb-ul-Khashein” which is in Urdu. He wrote this book in 1888 A.D, 1305 Hijri at the age of 39. This book is in prose.

His two other books, “Qissa Ropan” and “Gujjar Nama” could not be found till yet.  


Hazrat Maulvi Ghulam Rasool Alampuri veileded on Monday 7 March 1892 A.D and according to Islamic calendar 7 Shaban 1309 Hijri in the age of 43 years. Maulvi Sahib was buried in graveyard of Alampur, Distt. Hoshiarpur, India and his holy shrine is also there. May God rest his soul in peace. He remained sick for three days. As he knew that his last moments have come, so this was informed to all the people and friends that who want to meet him could meet. After three days he left the world for good in the morning. His Nimaz-e-Jinaza was offered by one of his close friends a Saint “Maulvi Abdullah Sahib” from village Talwandi. He had a promise with him that one who left alive will lead the Nimaz-e-Jinaza of the other. The lovers and followers of Maulvi Sahib are living in various regions of the world and particularly in Sub-continent. His poetry is being read in millions houses. His spiritual verses created good effect on the hearts of the people. Different scholars and Ulamas quote his verses in their meetings and sessions as references. He created an atmosphere of brotherhood, humanitarianism and tolerance in the society. A Memorial Hall and library, in his memory, has been constructed in Alampur Distt. Hoshiarpur , India .

The Founding President of Punjab University Lahore Mr. G.W. Leitner has written in his book “History Of Indigenous Education In The Punjab” part II page 49 about Maulvi Sahib “At Alampur, under the Direction of the excellent Maulvi Ghulam Rasool, is a large maktab with 40 pupils, where Persian and Urdu are very well taught by him gratuitously”.

 The Former Prime Minister of India Mr. I.K Gujral said in his message to Sahibzada Masud Ahmed “Maulvi Ghulam Rasool Alampuri was once such remarkable personality whose contribution has left an indelible mark on the Punjabi literature and folk-lore of both Pakistan and India. His influenced transcends political boundries and legacy creates unified responses in the two countries which is a matter of great pride”.

Here, I deem it necessary to clarify some points.

(1) Also in accordance with Khalipha Fazal Din Patwari date of death of Hazrat Maulvi Ghulam Rasool Alampuri falls on Monday 7 march 1892, and 7 Shaban 1309 Hijri, 24 Phagan and Maulvi Sahib was buried in graveyard of Alampur and his holy shrine is also there. Whereas grave of Maulvi Sahib was cemented on march 1920 and on it date of death has been written as 7 march 1892.

(2) Respectable father of Sahibzada Masud Ahmed Ch. Ghulam Qadir (late) had too much dedication and devotion with Hazrat Maulvi Ghulam Rasool Alampuri. For the construction of Mazare-e-Aqdas of Maulvi Sahib he contacted in India with Sardar Nirmal Singh in 1990. He, re-renovated grave of Maulvi Sahib in 1991 with the help of his friends.

(3) Father of Maulvi Sahib was not Imam Masjid of any Mosque but some writers, without any research wrote him as Imam Masjid, which is not correct. He was a sacred person and his ancestral profession was an Agriculturist.

(4) Various persons has shown different views without any investigation and with their own guess has given remarks in curriculum books and other research books, about the spiritual attachment of Maulvi Sahib. Some persons has written that Maulvi Sahib was the follower of chain of Chishtia and another person indicated that Maulvi Sahib was of the view of Naqshbandia, but they have no authenticated and clear view about it. Because I had also no clear view about this therefore I was of the view that Maulvi Sahib was not under any route of any sect. This is a matter of secret since the veiling of Maulvi Sahib for about 117 years, but in march 2009 I got a hand written spiritual pedigree of Maulvi Sahib by the grace of Allah. This spiritual pedigree is written in three languages Urdu, Persian and Punjabi in the age of 14 years and this spiritual pedigree was written on the request of a friend Syed Najum-ul-Din. By this it is verified that Maulvi Sahib belong to chain of Qadria. I am publishing it for the interest of people. I leave it on the researchers to investigate that apparently under whose personality Maulvi Sahib was impressed. This is also a fact that Maulvi Sahib was saint by birth. It is evident from his book “Ahsan-ul-Qasas” that spiritually he was very much influenced by Hazrat Imam Ghazali. (1048A.D-1111A.D)

I understand that it is good to take responsibility and research and to get full information with care before to write on any historical personality, in which there should be no touch of personal interest. So that correct, certified and useful information may reach to the coming generation and this task should be achieved with intensity of responsibility, sincerity and honesty.

Urs of Hazrat Maulvi Ghulam Rasool Alampuri is celebrated every year on 15 of Harr Bikarmi in which people belonging to different religion gather on his Urs to pay homage to the great Saint and poet. And this is for the first time after 1947 on 20th April 2007 Sahibzada Masud Ahmed maternal grandson of Maulvi Sahib went to the Mazar-e-Aqdas where he participated in seminars and meetings as Chief Guest and fixed the date of next Urs as 7 march with reference to the death anniversary of Maulvi Sahib. On the occasion of a dinner hosted by Deputy Commissioner Hoshiarpur in the honour of Sahibzada Masud Ahmed. Sahibzada Masud Ahmed presented a Memoir to the Deputy Commissioner in which it was demanded to rebuild the Mazar-e-Aqdas of Maulvi Sahib, construction of residential rooms for the visitors and scholars, a research centre and a library. It was also demanded to name the Dasuya-Miani road after the name of Maulvi Sahib, the well of Maulvi Sahib’s time should be renovated whereas a road should be constructed to link Dasuya-Miani road with the   Mazar-e-Aqdas. In the presence of honourable persons of the locality Deputy Commissioner promised with Sahibzada Masud Ahmed that he will act upon this very soon.  


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