July 24, 2005

Indians consider Waris Shah a Punjabi literature Shakespeare

LAHORE - Speakers at Waris Shah International Conference organised by World Punjabi Congress at Alhamra Hall on Saturday paid glowing tributes to the mystic poet Waris Shah and called for following his poetry to help foster unity, peace and harmony in the society.

Literary figures including Qazi Javed, SS Noor (India), Dr Waneeta of New Delhi University and many others, addressing the first session of the second day’s conference highlighted the importance of the conference. 
They further pointed out that Waris Shah was an intellectual and spiritual figure of the highest order who played a key role in his dark era of ignorance than any other figure and purely focused on attracting mercy of the Almighty and loving his creation.

The speakers, however, observed that nothing had been done for promoting teachings and thoughts of Waris Shah although the Indians considered him as “Shakespeare” of the Punjabi literature. They said it is the high time when universities in Pakistan should come forward to complete the unaccomplished task left by the great “sufi” poet whose poetry attained the status of masterpiece in literature.

‘ We should try to institutionalize all the poetry, of our sofis which is the reflection of our culture and also we should take some lesson from their lives’. Said the speaker.

While discussing the character of Heer the speakers said she represent the every era, she represent love, courage, determination, trustworthiness. They suggested, ‘we should establish some institution consisting of the collection of all those historical poets and writers’. 

Renowned film artist Bahar Begum, WPC Chairman Fakhar Zaman, Pervender Singh, Fatima Hussain, Dr Vanita Manchanda, Dr Dilshad Tiwana, Hameed Akther, Farah and Muzefer Abbas also spoke on the occasion 

'Great Sufi Wisdom – Waris Shah' translated in seven languages

LAHORE (PR) - The book about Waris Shah “Great Sufi Wisdom” written by Prof Saeed Ahmed has been translated in English with six other languages. Sixteen editions have been published of this book in two and half years.
Barrister Celine Chamberland has translated this book in French and three editions of the book have been published.
A young scholar from Poland translated “Great Sufi Wisdom- Waris Shah” in Polish.
Vera Matveyeva from Kazakistan, translated the book in Russian language.
Prof Matio from Congo, translated in Congo. Young Romanian scholar Maria Elexandara Pauchinu translated all the books of Prof Saeed in Romanian language.
The book presents wisdom of Waris Shah in simple English language for the educated Pakistani youth.
Prof Saeed, with the help of his Spanish friends, has also started translating Punjabi Sufi poetry. in that language. This way, he is presenting the message of peace of Punjabi Sufi poets to the world.