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Dr. Afzal Mirza




Reading Ghalib in Punjab   Dr. Afzal Mirza 
Dr Afzal Shahid is a physicist by profession but a prolific writer of Urdu and Punjabi poetry. He has written more than half a dozen books of verses and all that by sitting in Atlanta (Georgia). After a PhD in physics and a short teaching stint at Govt. College of Science in Lahore he migrated to America and worked in the famous Bell Laboratories from where he got recently an early retirement. At present he teaches in a College and devotes his whole extra time in following his favorite pursuit of reading and writing poetry.

Realistic and Balanced - Sharif Kunjahi  By Dr. Afzal Mirza
first read some Urdu poems of Sharif Kunjahi in one of the magazines of the progressive writers movement which was at its peak during the first few years after partition. The movement which was initiated just before World War II was inspired by the rise of communism in Soviet Russia and the sensitive young men of that period saw in it the emancipation of the wretched of the earth. The economic depression of that period had its effect on India and famines

The lyrical poet of Punjab   Dr Afzal Mirza
The theme of partition inspired many writers, mostly prose writers. Among them Saadat Manto stands out as the one who contributed the largest number of writings on this theme. In Urdu literature there are few poems on the subject which include Faiz's Subh-e-Azaadi and Qasmi's Phir Achanak Teergi Mein Aa Gae. It goes to the credit of Ahmad Rahi that he wrote highly inspiring poems on the subject in Punjabi. One can also mention the famous poem by Amrita Preetam in which she addresses Waris Shah to wake up and see the plight of the blood-bathed Punjab. That poem became a classic.

A People's Poet : Ustad Daman   Dr. Afzal Mirza
Ustad Daman was last seen on the funeral of Faiz Ahmad Faiz on November 20, 1984. He appeared terribly ill but he had managed to make it to Model Town to attend the funeral in a rickshaw. Although the mourners were visibly shocked by Faiz's death but whoever saw Daman was shaken by his condition. Those who had seen his wrestler-like figure in good old days could not believe their eyes to see the skeleton-like Daman arriving in the gathering with the help of two people.

The Master of His Own Words   Dr. Afzal Mirza
Faiz is and remains the most outstanding Urdu poet of the second half of the last century. During the last few years of his life, however, he wrote some Punjabi poetry as well which can be found in his last two books namely and Mairay Dil Mairay. These two books actually contain the poetry he wrote during the 1970s and early 1980s, till he died in 1984 in Lahore. After General Zia removed the government of Bhutto in a midnight coup in 1977, Faiz went into exile and remained abroad till 1983. It was only a year before his death that he returned to Pakistan.

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