PUNJABI MUSIC, POETRY, INTERVIEWS, TALKS                                                                                                                   Lahore Chitrkar, studio & gallery is a  registered non-profit, non-commercial organization founded in 2001 by a group of painters, architects, writers, dancers and musicians. The primary activity of the Lahore Chitrkar centers around a working studio and gallery where artistic skills are learned shared and exhibited. The ongoing programs include painting and drawing portfolio class, Music classes in classical Vocals, Flute, Tabla, Sarangi, Sitar, Guitar (acoustic & electric) Violin & Keyboard. Internationally renowned Kathak dancer Nahid Siddiqui conducts an ongoing Dance class. Lectures and discussions on music making, art workshops for children, monthly classical music concerts, theatre workshops and painting exhibitions are a permanent feature of chitrkar cultural calendar.

A large number of events have been organized  since the inception of Lahore Chitrkar in 2001. Presently 12 teachers and 53 students are part of the art and music program. Professional audio recordings are done of all concert and events.

Please send an email if you would like to be invited for events. Participate any which way you can and play your part in materializing the goal of cultural revival and sustenance, Donations can be sent to: Lahore Chitrkar, Account #  1025-00305671-03, Habib Bank Limited, Fortress Stadium branch, Lahore, Pakistan.                                  E-Mail: , Web Page:

We are thankful to Lahore Chitrkar for sharing the following audio recordings with APNA:


Interview with Ustad Ghulam Haidar Khan

Sharif Sabir's Talk on Heer

Col. Nadir Ali's Lecture on Punjabi History

Poetry in Poets' Own Voice

Ali Arshad Mir's Poetry in his own voice

Mazhar Tirmazi'e Poetry in his own voice

Raja Sadiq Ullah's Poetry

Mushtaq Sufi's Poetry in his own voice

Sufiana Kalam

KafiaaN Shah Hussain Sung By Ayesha Ali

Sufina Kalam Sung By: Ustad Nazir Ahmad Butt

Heer Sung By Liaqat Inayat

Muneeb Sultan

KafiaaN Sung By Younas Iqbal

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