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Punjabi Writers on Warpath by By Dr. Jaspal Singh
KENFRI Punjabi Lekhak Sabha, the largest conglomeration of Punjabi writers is one again up in arms against the Punjab government for its language policy. The writers are angry because the bureaucracy at the higher levels does not pass orders on office files in Punjabi.

Punjabi PoWs in Germany in WW1 by By Aditi Tandon
It’s unbelievable. Somewhere in the archives of Humboldt University, Berlin, lie stacked hundreds of sound recordings of Indian soldiers, who died lusting for a glimpse of their native villages. Taken prisoners of war in World War I by German troops and detained at the Halfmoon Camp at Wunsdorf, close to Berlin, these soldiers could never come back. But 90 years after their sound files were created, the voices of three Indian soldiers, one of them a Sikh from Ferozepore, are back to search for their roots.

Restoration of Pak Tea House demanded by News Item
LAHORE, Nov 16: Poets and writers on Thursday joined employees of the Pak Tea House to demand restoration of the historical place that had been a meeting point of literary giants even before partition.

Indian Delegate Meet sPervaiz by

Play Review: Mirza Bagh — a well-adapted play by Halima Mansoor
Mirza Bagh, an adaptation of Brian Friel’s play Aristocrats, reveals one of many things - how large aristocratic families often preserve themselves in homespun glorification of the family and try to retain the titles and the honour

Mango, kinno in ‘demand’ in India by Staff Reporter
India could become a healthy market for Pakistani mango and kinno as both fruits are of high quality and taste, says Mr Mahinder Singh, leader of a 16-member delegation of Indian farmers.

Musical voyage at the Qadhafi Stadium by Pierre Jolit
The World Performing Arts Festival, which opened its doors to the public on Friday, offered to the audience diversity in styles and origins, proving that the art form is closely linked to the ideal of voyage.

Mother Tongue Education and the Health and Survival of the Balochi Language by TIM FARRELL of Summer Institute of Linguistics, High Wycombe, UK
Of the estimated 6,500 languages in the world today it is reckoned that the majority will cease to exist within fifty years or so. In the history of the world, languages have always come and gone

Poetic Olympia Revisited by Dr. Jaspal Singh
SOM P. Ranchan is a notable literary figure in north-west India. By now he has penned over four dozen of books in different genres that include poetry, fiction, folklore, literary criticism and mythcartography

The forgotten master by Amrik Singh: (Former Vice Chancellor, Punjabi University, Patiala)
ASK anyone in Punjab about Bhai Ram Singh and you would invite blank stares, even in Amritsar, where there should be good reasons to remember him. He was the man who designed Khalsa College....


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