Kavi Darbar & Bulleh Shah Award

Dr. Amanullah & Surjit Patar

Aalami Punjabi Ikatth (API) has established The Bulleh Shah Award for outstanding contributions to Punjabi literature and/or Punjabi causes. 2007 is the first year of this annual award. The first recipient was Surjit Patar, a renowned Punjabi poet from Ludhiana. This award was presented to him by Dr. Amanullah Khan President of Aalami Punjabi Ikatth, at the third International Kavi Darbar/Punjabi Mushaira, held in Dallas, Texas on July 21, 2007.

At this gathering, Dr. Amanullah Khan explained that one of  the objectives of API is to promote unity among the Punjabi organizations and to strive for a "Lok Lahar" ( a popular wave) for an awareness of the richness of the Punjabi language and its literary treasures. The organization will also strive to preserve this cultural heritage for future generations.  He invited all the like minded organizations to join hands for this cause. The Punjabi Cultural Association of North Texas (PCANT) jointly sponsored this Kavi Darbar.  PCANT President Nirmal Nilvi stated that "because of the maaN boli we have gathered on this auspicious occasion from all over the world and it deserves our support."
The hall was filled to capacity and a very attentive and appreciative audience stayed late into the night. Dr. Asif Qadeer presided and Younus Ijaz and Amarjit Dhillon acted as comperes.  The list of poets included: Surjit Patar (India), Dr. Sughra Sadaf  (Pakistan), Karamat Gardezi (Virginia), Dr. Amanullah Khan (Dallas), Iftikhar Nasim (Chicago), Younus Ijaz (Dallas), Shashi Samundra (California), Jasvir Kaur (Dallas), Nadir Durani (Dallas), Tariq Hashmi (Dallas), Amarjit Dhillon (Dallas), Povinder Kaur (Dallas), Rabinder Singh (Dallas), Afzal Firdous (Houston).


Ghund Chukaee of Dr. Amanullah's " Mukar GayiaN naiN ChhawaN"  in Gurmukhi Edition by Surjit Patar


                       Dr. Amanullah Khan                                                                     Sughra Sadaf                                                                                            Jasvir Kaur

Amarjit Dhillon

Iftikhar Nasim

Karamat Gardezi

Surjit Patar & Yunas Ejaz