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Academy of the Punjab in North America (APNA)

A non-religious and non-political organization of all Punjabi's for the promotion of Punjabi language and culture

1) All CDs listed below are available for a donation to APNA of US $10.99 per CD, including postage, shipping and handling for first-class mail. We can ship CDs to any country.

 2)  We accept all major credit cards.  To pay through a credit card, click on the "ADD TO CART" button next to each CD  that you  want to purchase. You can then click on "continue shopping" button to add more CDs on the shopping cart.  

3) Only if you are in the United States, you may also pay by personal check or money order. Please send an e-mail to listing the CDs you want to get and your mailing address.  Also, send a check  or money order (written to APNA) equal to US $10.99 per CD to the following address:  APNA, 13349 Jasper Court, Fairfax, VA 22033 USA.

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1 Kalam Baba Farid Part 1 and Part 2 of Satnam Singh's rendering of Baba Farid's Kalam
2 Kalam Bulleh Shah - 1 First 8 songs on Bullah Shah's page
3 Kalam Bulleh Shah - 2 Last 6 songs on Bulleh Shah's page
4 Kalam Sultan Bahu Sultan  Bahu's Kalam by Iqbal Bahu in a single track+9 separate tracks
5 Kalam Shah Hussain -1 First 9 songs on Shah Hussain's page
6 Kalam Shah Hussain - 2 Last 8 songs on Shah Hussain's page
7 Kalam Khawaja Farid - 1 First 7 songs on Khawaja Farid's page
8 Kalam Khawaja Farid - 2 Last 6 songs on Khawaja Farid's page
9 Main Muhammad Baksh Part 1 and Part 2 of  Mian Muhamamd Buksh's Kalam by Shaukat Ali
10 Sufi Music E. Punjab All songs on Sufi Music E. Punjab page
11 Heer Waris Shah - 1 Part 1 and Part 2 of Heer Waris Shah -1 page
12 Heer Waris Shah - 2 Part 3 and Part 4 of Heer Waris Shah -1 page (Also see Cd 88 & 91)
13 Heer Waris Shah - 3 All songs on Heer Waris Shah -2 page
14 Shiv Kumar Batalvi - 1 All songs on Shiv Kumar Batalvi's page-1 - Jagjeet & Chitrs
15 Shiv Kumar Batav-  2 All songs on Shiv Kumar Batalvi's page-2 - Mohinder Kapoor
16 Shiv Kumar Batalvi - 3 All songs on Shiv Kumar Batalvi's page- 3 - K. Deep & J. Kaur
17 Shiv Kumar Batalvi - 4 All songs on Shiv Kumar Batalvi's page- 4 - Various Singers
18 Shiv Kumar Batalvi - 5 All songs on Shiv Kumar Batalvi's page- 5 - Kuldip Deepak
19 Shiv Kumar Batalvi - 6 All songs on Shiv Kumar Batalvi's page- 6 - Dolly Gluria -1
20 Shiv Kumar Batalvi - 7 All songs on Shiv Kumar Batalvi's page- 7 - Dolly Gloria -2
21 Shiv Kumar Batalvi - 8 All songs on Shiv Kumar Batalvi's page- 8  - In Shiv's Own Vioce
22 Shiv Kumar Batalvi - 9 All songs on Shiv Kumar Batalvi's page- 9 - Bhupinder & Mitali
23 Shiv Kumar Batalvi - 10 All songs on Shiv Kumar Batalvi's page 10 -Various-2 (Also see CD 96)
24 Loke Geet -1 All songs on Loke-1 page
25 Loke Geet -2 All songs on Loke-2 page
26 Loke Geet -3 All songs on Loke-3 page
27 Loke Geet -4 All songs on Loke-4 page (Also see CD 96, 97)
28 Loke Geet E. Punjab -1 All songs on Loke E. Punjab -1 page
29 LokeGeet E. Punjab -2 All songs on Loke E. Punjab -2 page
30 Loke Instrument All songs on loke Instrument's page (Also see Cd 95)
31 Abida Perveen-1 All songs on Abida Perveen-1 page
32 Abida Perveen-2 First 7 songs on Abida Perveen-2 page (Last 6 song son CD 114)
33 Alam Lohar-1 First 11 songs on Alam Lohar's page
34 Alam Lohar-2 Last 10 songs on Alam Lohar's page (Also see CD 71)
35 Gurdas Mann All songs on Gurdas Mann's page
36 Hansraj Hans All songs on Hansraj Hans' page
37 Mansoor Malangi-1 All songs on Masoor Malangi's page (Also see CD 70 & 90)
38 Munawar Sultana/Aniqa All songs on Munawar Sultana and Atiqa Banu's pages
39 Naseebo Lal All songs on Naseebo Lal's page (Also see Cd 102)
40 Pathaney Khan Last 6 songs on Pathaney Khan's page
41 Puran Chand/Payare Lal All songs on Puran Chand/Payare Lal's page

42 Reshman All songs on Reshman's page
43 Shahida Perveen All songs on Shahida Perveen's page
44 Shazia Manzoor-1 All songs on Shazia Manzoor-1s page
45 Shazia Manzoor-2 All songs on Shazia Manzoor-2 page
46 Shazia Manzoor-Kafian All songs on Shazia Manzoor-Kafian page
47 Surrinder Kaur/Parkash Kaur All songs on Surrinder Kaur/Parkash Kaur' s page
48 Tufail Niazi All songs on Tufail Niazi's page
49 Zubaida Khanam All songs on Zubaida Khanam's page
50 Deedar & Amrit All songs on Deedar Pardesi and Amrit Khanna's page
51 Inayat Hussain Bhatt - 1 All songs on Inayat Hussain Bhatti-1's page
52 Inayat Hussain Bhatti - 2 All songs on Inayat Hussain Bhatti-2's page
53 Hamid Ali Bela All songs on Hamid Ali Bela's page
54 Sain Akhter All songs on Sain Akhter's page
55 Surray Multanikar All songs on Surraya Multanikar's page (Also see Cd 107)
56 Zahida Perveen All songs on Zahida Perveen's page
57 Malika Pukhraj/Tahira Syed All songs on Mulika Pkhraj/Tahira Khanam page
58 Ghulam Ali-1  All Songs on Gulam Ali page(Also see Cd 108)
59 Loonay Wala - 1 First 4 songs on Loonay Wala page
60 Loonay Wala - 2 Last 4 songs on Loonay Wala Page
61 Bibi Nooran All songs on Bibi Nooran's page
62 Jagmohan Kaur All songs on Jagmohan Kaur's page
63 Punjab, Punjabi and Punjabiat All songs  on Punjab, Punjabi and Punjabiat page
64 Film Songs All songs on Film Songs page
65 Anwar Masud All poems on Anwar Masud's page
66 Ataullah Niazi All songs on Ataullah Niazi's page
67 Shujaat/Dhadi All songs  on Shujaat/Dhadi's page
68 Gurmeet Bawa All songs on Gurmeet Bawa's page
69 Mussarat Nazir-Wedding Songs All songs on Mussarat Nazir-Wedding Songs page
70 Mansoor Malangi-Khwaja Farid All songs on Mansoor Malangi-Khwaja Farid page (Also see Cd 37 & 90)
71 Alam Lohar-3 All songs on Alam Lohar-2 page (Also see CD 33 & 34)
72 Asa Singh Mastana All songs on Asa Singh Mastana page
73 Javaid & Babar Niazi (Niazi Brothers) All songs on Javaid and Babr Niazi's page
74 Nusrat Fateh Ali-1 All songs on Nusrat Fateh Ali-1 page
75 Nusrat Fateh Ali-2 All songs on Nusrat Fateh Ali-2 page
76 Nusrat Fateh Ali-3 All songson Nusrat Fateh Ali-3 page
77 Nusrat Fateh Ali-4 First 6 songs on Nusrat Fateh Ali-4s page (Last 7 songs on CD 111)
78 PuranChand/PeyaraLal-2 All songs on Puran Chand/Peyare Lal-2 page
79 Mian SheharYar All songs on Mian Sheharyar page
80 Noor Jahan-1 All songs  on  Noor Jahan-1 page
81 Noor Jahan-2 All songs  on  Noor Jahan-2 page
82 NoorJahan-3 All songs  on  Noor Jahan-3 page
83 Afshan All songs  on Afshan's  page
84 Masood Rana All songs  on Masood Raana's pagr  page
85 Juman Khan All songs  on Juman Khan's  page
86 Qissa Dhol Sami All songs on Qissa Dhol Sami - Ashiq Hussain Jat page
87 Qissa Puran Bhagat All songs on Qissa Puran Bhagat - Arif Hussain Bhatti page
88 Heer- Mistri Abdullah All songs on Heer- Mistri Abdullah page
89 Old Punjabi Songs All songs  on Old Punjabi Songs  page
90 Masoor Malangi-2 All songs  on Mansoor Malangi-2 page (Also see Cd 37 & 70)
91 Heer Waris Shah-4 All songs on Heer Waris Shah by Iqbal Bahu (Also see CD 11, 12, 13)
92 Ataullah Niazi-2 All songs on Ataullah Niazi 2 page
93 Ataullah Niazi -3 All songs on Ataullah Niazi 3 page (Also see CD `92 & 66)
94 Shiv Kumar Batlvi-11 All songs  on Shiv Kumar Batlvi -11 page (Also see CDs 14 to 23 )
95 Punjabi Tunes All songs on Punjabi Tunes page (Also see CD 30)
96 Loke-5 All songs on Loke-5 page (Also see CDs 24 to 27))
97 Loke-6 All songs on Loke-6 page (Also see CDs 24 to 27)
98 Old Mix Punjabi Songs All songs  on Old Mixed Punjabi Songs  page (Also see CD `92 & 66)
99 Indian Punjabi Film -1 All songs  on Indain Film Songs -1 page
100 Indian Punjabi Film-2 All songs on Indian Film Songs -2 page
101 Indian Punjabi Film-3 All songs Indian Film Songs -3 page
102 Naseebo Lal-2 All songs on Naseebo Lal-2 page (Also see CD 39)
103 Akram Rahi All songs  on Akram Rahi
104 Maratab Ali All songs  on Maratab Ali
105 Noor Jahan-4 All songs on Noor Jahan-4 (Also see CD `80, 81, 82)
106 Naseem Begum All songs on Naseem Begum Page
107 Surraya Multaniker-2 All songs on Ataullah Niazi 3 page (Also see CD 107)
108 Ghulam Ali-2 All songs on Gulam Ali-2 page (Also see CD 57)
109 Azra Jahan All songs on Azra Jahan Page
110 Yamla Jatt All songs  on Yamla Jatt page 
111 Nusrat Fateh Ali-5 Last 7 songs on Nusrat Fateh Ali-4 page (Also see CD 74 to 77)
112 Kalam Mian Muhammad All song son Kalam Mian Mumaad by Sultan Bahu (also see CD 9 and 91)
113 Shaukat Ali All Song's on Shaukat Ali's page
114 Abida Perveen-3 Last 6 songs on Abida Perveen-2 page (First 7 song son CD 32)
115 Mixed Punjabi Songs-1 All songs on Punjabi Mixed Songs New-1 page
116 Loke-7 All songs on Loke-7 page (Also see CD's 24 to 27 and 96, 97)
117 Ibrarul-Haq All songs on Ibrarul-Haq page
118 Arif Lohar All songs on Arif Lohar page
119 Mubarik/Fateh/Salamat All songs on Mubarik/Fateh/Salamt page
120 Musarrat Nazir All songs on Musarrat Nazir page
121 Raj Nijjar All songs on Raj Nijjar page
122 Musarrat nazir-2 All songs on Musarrat Nazir page 2
123 Traditional Loke All songs on Traditional Loke page
124 Punjabi tunes All songs on Punjabi Tunes page
125 Taj Multani All songs on Taj Multani Page
126 Ashiq Hussain Jatt All songs on Ashiq Hussain Jatt page
127 Puran Chand & Pyarelal-3 All songs on Puranchand & Pyarelal-3 page
128 Puran Chand & Pyarelal-4 All songs on Puranchand & Pyarelal-4 page
129 Narinder Biba All songs on Narinder Biba page
130 Loke Songs-8 All songs on Loke songs-8 page
131 Looney wala-2 All songs on Looney wala-2 page
132 Kafian-Abida Perveen All songs on Kafian-Abida Perveen page
133 Film : Khamosh Pani All songs on Film Khamosh Pani page
134 Master Salim All songs on Master Salim page
135 Pervaiz Akhtar All songs on Pervaiz Akhtar page
136 Abrar-ul-Haq-2 All songs on Abrar-ul-Haq-2 page
137 Hansraj Hans-2 All songs on Hans Raj Hans-2 page
138 Abdul Latif Bhitai All songs on Abdul Latif Bhittai page
139 Rabbi Shergill All songs on Rabbi Shergill page
140 Aziz Mian Qawal All songs on Aziz Mian Qawal page
141 Hadiq Kiani All songs on Hadiqa Kiani page
142 Kuldeep manak All songs on Kuldeep Manak Page
143 Jagjit Singh All songs on Jagjit Singh page
144 Surjit Bindrakhia All songs on Surjit Bindrakhia page
145 Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan-5 All songs on Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan-5 page
146 Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan-6 All songs on Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan-6 page
147 Khalil Haider All songs on Khalil Haider page
148 Loke Geet-9 All songs on Loke Geet-9 page
149 Munir Hussain Wazirabadi All songs on Munir Hussain Wazir Abadi page
150 Malik Ali Malkoo All songs on Malik Ali Malkoo page
151 M.Sadiq & Ranjit Kaur All songs on M. Sadiq & Ranjit Kaur page
152 M.Sadiq & Ranjit kaur-2 All songs on M. Sadiq & Ranjit Kaur 2 page
153 M.Sadiq & Ranjit kaur-3 All songs on M. Sadiq & Ranjit Kaur 3 page
154 Songs of film Jugnee All songs on Songs of film "Jugnee" page
155 Hussain Bakhash Gullu All songs on Husain bakhash Gullu page
156 Heer Waris Shah-5 All songs on Heer Waris Shah-5 page
157 Pervez Mehdi All songs on Pervez Mehdi Page
158 Shamshad Begum All songs on Shamshad Begum page
159 Jasbir Jassi All songs on Jasbir Jassi page
160 Shazia Manzur-3 All songs on Shazia Manzur-3 page
161 Gurdas Maan-2 All songs on Gurdas Maan-2 page
162 Hazara Singh Ramta All songs on Hazara Singh Ramta page
163 Madan Gopal Singh All songs on Madan Gopal Singh page
164 Sher Miandad All songs on Sher Miandad page
165 Ashiq jatt (Charkha) All songs on Ashiq Jatt (charkha) page
166 Inayat kotia All songs on Inayat Kotia page
167 Film "Kartar Singh" All songs on film "Kartar Singh" page
168 Qissa Dulla Bhatti All songs on Qissa Dulla Bhatti Siddique & Sharif Ragi page
169 Qissa Sohni Mahinwal All songs on Qissa Sohni Mahinwal page
170 Amrita Virk-1 Amrita Virk CD:  Pyar Dyan Chalam
171 Amrita Virk-2 Amrita Virk CD: Shak Karya Na Kar
172 Amrita Virk-3 Amrita Virk CD:  Teri Meri Ga;

Punjabi Books

1 Mukar Gayan Chawan Collection of Punjabi Poetry by Dr. Amanullah Khan -  17.99)


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