Books Added on December 6, 2009




 Heer Sayal (Poetry) - Swarn Bains 

 Sadhran, Sochan Te Peeran - Ishar Singh Mauhji


 Wagda Paani (Short Stories) - Mansha Yaad

 Mach Faqeeran (Poetry) - Safdar Dogar


 Legends of Punjab (Volume 1)- R. C. Temple

 Legends of Punjab (Volume 2)- R. C. Temple  

The Travels of Dean Mahomet (Travelogue) - Edited by Michael H.  Fisher

 The Muslim Saints of South Asia (The Eleventh to Fifteenth Century) - Anna Suvorovah

 Sufi Orders in Islam (Sufis and Sufism) - J Spencer Trimingham

The Rose Garden of Sa'di - Gulistan (Sufis and Sufism) - Translated by James Rose

The Orchard  of Sa'di - Bostan (Sufis and Sufism) - Translated by James Rose

 Shadows of the Past (Poetry) _ Gurumel Sidhu

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