Academy of the Punjab in North America (APNA)

A non-religious and non-political organization of all Punjabi's for the promotion of Punjabi language and culture

Sufi Poetry

Sung By Pervez Akhter

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MaiN vi jaana jhok- Shah Hussain

Say Vanjaray aaey ni- Bulleh Shah

Eh reet sikhey hi - Kh.Ghulam Farid

RaNjha RaNjha kerdi - Bulleh Shah

Kee jaanaN maiN koun- Bulleh Shah

AsaaN kinu dil chayo - Kh.Ghulam Farid

AsaaN so badmast qalander- Kh.Ghulam Farid

Vich rohi de rahNdiaN - Kh.Ghulam Farid