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Wedding Songs

Sung By Musarrat Nazir
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Matthey Te Chamkan waal - (3:36 minutes)

O Mehndi TaaN Sajdi - (3:20 minutes)

Aaya LaRiye Ni - (4:06 minutes)

Mehndi ni Mehndi - (3:26 minutes)

Sooway Ve Cheeray Walya - (2:55 minutes)

ChiTTa KukaR Baneray Te - (2:50 minutes)

Apnay Chubaray Te - (3:12 minutes)

Jevey BanRa - (2:28 minutes)

Mera Turya Dholna - (4:09 minutes)

Maye Maye SaDay - (4:50 minutes)

Mele ChaliYan Te - (4:17 minutes)

Tut Paini Jawani - (4:45 minutes)

Ni Aj koi Jogi - (4:28 minutes)

MaDhaniaN Haye o - (3:50 minutes)

Meri Rangli Madhani - (4:55 minutes)

SaDa ChiRiaN da Chamba - (5:40 minutes)

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