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Selection of Punjabi Film Songs

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Akh LaRay Te LaRayee Ja - Sung by: Nahid Akhter

Ang Ang Wich Masti - Sung by: Afshan

Dilon Man Laee - Sung by: Mala

Do Dil Ek Dooje KoloN - Sung by: Runa Laila

Guddi WangoN MainooN - Sung by: Afshan

Koi Kar Ke Bahana - Sung by: Mala

KundlaaN De WalaN Waliya - Sung by: Nahid Akhter

Meri Jhanjar Dhaindi - Sung by: Naseem Begum

Sanu Wi Le Chul Naal We - Sung by: Naseem begum

Way Sub ToN Sohnia - Sung by: Tassawar Khanum

Yaar Badshah - Sung by: Nahid Akhter

Zara Ther Jaa We - Sung by: Runa Laila

Wasta E Rub Da Toonh JaveeN We Kabootra - Munawar Sultana

Batti Baal Ke Banere Utte: Sung by: Shamshad Begum

Kachi Kalli Te Nazuk Dil: Sung by: Shamshad Begum

Jag Wala Mela: Mohammad Rafi

TooN Peeng Te Main PerchawaN: Sung by: Mohammad Rafi

Jat KuRRiyaN TooN Darda Marra: Sung by: Rafi/Shamshad

NimbuaaN Da JoRa - Sung by: Nazeer Begum

We MaiN Ho GayyaN Jawan- Sung by: Nazeer Begum

MenooN Rub Di Sonh Tere Naal Pyar Ho Gaya -Sung by: Nazeer Begum

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