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ISHA proudly presents a hilarious Punjabi comedy play, , at Natyabharati’s Indian Theatre Festival on Sunday, April 4th at 1:00 pm at F. Scott Fitzgerald Auditorium, Rockville Civic Center, Rockville, MD. . The primary focus of the festival is to bring all of the Indian communities together through the medium of Theatre. So please spread the word around and bring your friends and family to support the cause. You may get discounted tickets for $10 each (regular price $15) by responding to this email. Tickets are going fast so please reserve your tickets as soon as possible. 

Attaché Case

Attaché Case is a hilarious comedy based on a misunderstanding between a desi husband and a wife. Such misunderstandings commonly prevail in the day to day life of most South Asian couples and usually result into embarrassing realities. The play builds up an intense form of tension in a very humorous fashion and keeps the audience suspense bound until the end. The talented team of Attaché Case received enormous applause from the audience of the Punjabi Association South Florida in Coral Springs, Florida during & after a performance in November of 2009.

The play has been produced under the banner of International Sikh Heritage Association (ISHA). ISHA has been the pioneer of Punjabi Theatre in Greater Washington/Baltimore Metropolitan area. The organization has produced several full-length and one-act Punjabi plays in the past over 15 years. Some of the full-length plays to ISAHA’a credit are Balwant Gargi’s "Loha Kutt", "Kanak Di Balli" and "Raayee Da Pahaar". Additionally, ISHA has performed several short plays, such as "Ik Kurhi Ik Supna (One Girl One Dream), "Chup Chaap", "Khazaney Da Supp" and "Ishtihar", in the form of Dinner Theatre in the past few years. ISHA’s next major project is to produce Pali Bhupinder’s popular comedy "R.S.V.P", which is based on an NRI theme. The play has won accolades all over the world including India and Canada.

Written By: Rajender Kumar

Adapted in Punjabi & Directed by: Dalvinder Multani

Produced by: Urender S. Magar 

Cast: Amritpal Kaur, Paul Singh, Urender S. Magar & Dalvinder Multani