Orlando, Florida, USA 


Punjabi is not appreciated for its contribution to literature, Punjabi is a dying language in the west, there is a need to revive it. This organization’s mission is to appreciate the poetry, keep it alive, bring awareness of the beauty of the Punjabi tongue.

We are located in Orlando, Florida. We have had five bethaks as of March 31, hosted by various members in a pot luck setting at their homes. Our bethak consists of two sessions. During the first session we deal with a specific theme, the second session is free style; where people can share whatever they wish including humor, music and light literature.

Near Term Goals – for year 2006

  1. Establish a small traveling library – around 50 books by the end of the year available at every Bethak for people to check out books and magazines.
  2. Collect classic Maan Bolee music.
  3. Arrange at least 10 bethaks in 2006.
  4. Attract at least 10 committed families who could contribute their time with enthusiasm.

Long Term Goals –  beyond 2006     To be determined.

The Challenge

Our background is very humble in regards to Mann Boli. Most of our members have had very little if any exposure to reading or writing with Maan Boli with most of our Punjabi vocabulary limited to vernacular dialogue.  Though there are a few Urdu poets in the area we do not have many Punjabi poets in the area. Our children speak English more than any other language. To preserve Punjabi in light of all our limitations is a challenging one but we will see how our efforts turn out.

How It Started

A few friends got together on September 24th, 2005 and started a group called Punjabi Adabi Bethak. Later on we dropped the word Adabi and replaced Punjabi with Maan Boli. The intent is to raise the emotional quotient to attract members.

We have progressed from aspiration stage to pragmatic state. The format of the meeting is slowly emerging. Initially, the feeling was: OK, we are here together what we should be doing. The first three meeting were practically without any precise structure or agenda. During the third get together, one member suggested to make it topical. The consensus emerged that there should be two sessions; first session dealing with a specific topic and the second session will have free format.